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Most Used Words In Roller Coaster Names


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I got bored again and bored me usually leads to something dumb.

Here is a word cloud of every single word in every single coaster name on the RCDB.

The full zoomable and scrollable image can be seen here (it was WAY too big to upload here)

I have removed the word "Unknown" from the cloud since depressingly its the most common word by miles.
As I expected "Coaster" dominates followed by "Roller" with "Dragon" surprisingly perhaps just beating out "Mouse"

To be honest theres no real surprises but thought it would be interesting to do and it wasted a bit of time :p

You can see the full list of words here

edit: Fixed an issue with the image missing a word for some reason
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In other words, a depressingly large share of the parks out there have no imagination.

Edit: I'm surprised to see "squirrel" so high up, while "ice" is used so little it takes quite a bit of searching to find it.
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Seems a good place to ask.

Why do RMC coasters mostly have 'Twisted' or 'Steel' in their name? I wonder if the park get a small discount from RMC to promote their brand identity.


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I used to measure all others coasters by the absolute standards...the imaginatively titled woodies of my home park, The Roller Coaster and Big Dipper at Blackpool.
Then Nickelodeon came along and ruined it.


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Just a quickie while the thread is still up here, I wanted to have a quick look at the words and see which are the most popular non-descriptive ones. I.e. words that aren't adjectives, part of the name for "coaster" in some language or other, or that describe what the coaster is doing. In other words, trying to find the most popular coaster names instead of just buzzwords.

Arguably, you could count "Dragon", "Mouse", "Worm", or "Mine". But these are, after all, common names for coaster models or types, so let's skip those. Likewise, "Jungle" is out due to all the Jungle Mouses out there.

So then we get a list like:
  • Mountain (113)
  • Star (100)
  • Cyclone (72)
  • Car (70)
  • Fruit (68)
  • Butterfly (64)
  • Tornado (63)
  • Twister (63)
  • Squirrel (62)
  • Forest (61)
  • Wildcat (56)
  • Sky (54)
If we do the same for parks, excluding all descriptive words such as "park" or "amusement" or natural features like "beach", "city", "lake", or such, we get:
  • Luna (97) (bit unsurprising seeing as "Luna park" is a common word for amusement park in some languages)
  • People's (50)
  • Magic (47)
  • Fantasy (37)
  • Dream (36)
  • White (27)
  • Ski (24)
  • Sparky's (23)
  • Coney (22)
  • Oriental (21)
  • Pleasure (20)