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Most Unsafe Waterslides


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-lofty- said:
Any slide at this place: Aquopolis

This is the park that nearly cost me an elbow replacement. I smacked my elbow whilst riding the "Kamikaze" slide. When I smacked, I mean, I came that FAR off of the tube, I landed on my elbow and was in agony afterwards. I've linked a few pics below of the TERRIBLE slide in question, the last picture is of what it CAN do to you.

when i went there i didnt fell safe on that ride at all but boomarang was very good and well all off them but the kamikaze


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CoasterCrazy said:
This: (there are many rides like this around the world)

Rock hard rings and concrete sides...OUCH!
I've been on one like that in Aqualud in France.


It's coated in some sort of special paint and it didn't hurt at all. :)


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^No, it was on TPR. It's at the same park as the waterslide in your second pic at the top of the page...


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Ah, that one...

I wouldn't class it as unsafe though, just extremely fun. It does sting a little if you go in in a bad position, but the water's deep so you don't hit the bottom or anything...

To be honest, the most dangerous thing at waterparks are the swimming pools! I bet lots more people drown than die on waterslides.

Lifeguards can't see everything...


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^I don't know which one you are thinking of. You sit in a two person dingy, and it goes down, does an airtime hill, and then goes into one of those slowdown bits. If you fall off, you have to crawl to the end and climb out...


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^That's the one at the waterpark at Movieland in Italy. It's in the same park as the jump one posted above you. They're both excellent. You don't really feel in much danger and they give a great ride experience.



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^There's a bigger one at la vele waterpark, also in Italy. However you need to be 16 to go on it!

With rides like that, the heavier you are, the more dangerous it is...

Pingu on drugs

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choluby said:
Some of these slide are just so STUPID.
Which idiots come up with these slides?

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Russian war veterans on crack came up with them. These people must have a brain cell missing.


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It's such a pity that PortAventura didn't build theirs, so it would take the record for tallest and steepest :(


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Anyone see that slide on the travel channel show?
In Brazil I think??

You're jammed in this tire/tube and have to wear a helmet, and literally go crashing around these walls.

No time to look it up now.

Also everything at Action Park. Never went as a kid (feels like I missed out on a NJ experience) but supposedly everything there was an accident waiting to happen, ran by drunk/stoned teens who didn't care