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Most Financially Stable

What do you think are the most financially stable theme park chains and which do you think are the most unstable major chains.

also what do you think is the most stable manufacturing companies and most unstable companies.

For theme park operation, I'd nominate WDC and Cedar Fair as most stable, and give Six Flags The Crown of Suck for most unstable.

As for manufacturing id say HUSS, Vekoma and B&M are the most stable with S&S and RMC on the bottom. RMC and S&S because they're just starting out.


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Merlin are definitely quite stable, and as for manufacturers I'd say B&M or Gerstlaur. :)


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Yeah, Merlin roll in it.

For manufacturers, someone like Zamperla who pump out countless flats as well as coasters have to be up there. I mean, seriously, with the amount they pump out, they would be morons to be failing. B&M do steady buisness, but, it's not huge or anything. They're never going to take over the World with their money.


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Disney by miles as far as a park company. Look at the lists for best attended parks and see how many of the top 10 are Disney.

Before the whole Little Mermaid thing, when Disney films had a major comeback, there was a fairly long period when the parks were basically the only thing keeping the company from going under.

Merlin are rolling in it, which is why I get annoyed when I see comments in Alton/Chessington topics about "limited" budgets, as if the Alton execs are scrabbling down the backs of the sofas at the Alton Hotel to scrape enough money together to give us grateful plebs a new attraction next year.


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Most Stable: Merlin. Owning so many places with overpriced entry must get loads of money.

Most Unstable: Six flags and (if it counts) Camelot. Six flags have alredy gone bankrupt and there only way they get "new" coasters for a park is buying cheaply or relocating from another park that the GP wouldn't of heard of. Camlot has already shut once for 1 season, re-opened with new owners and is likely to shut again soon.


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Disney, Merlin, Universal, and Herschend. Parques Reunidos would be up there as well I'd imagine, since purchasing Kennywood Entertainment Co. in 2009.
I'm trying to ignore Disney in this one because they are just a mega corporation. Disney practically runs the world so i just ignore them in this poll.