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Moonsault Scramble- First Hyper?


Captain Basic
Moonsault Scramble, the Sanoyas Hishino Meisho shuttle coaster at Fuji Q Highland that opened in 1983, closed in 2000, top speed of 53 MPH(or 90 KMPH), 2 inversions, pulled a legendary 6.2 Gs, and was 229.7 feet high- making it the first hyper coaster.

Or was it?

Only a few riders were able to go this high, and it didn't even make a full circuit.

What do you think? Was Moonsault or Magnum the first hyper?


Mega Poster
No, the definition of a hyper coaster is a complete circuit coaster over 200 feet tall.

This same rule applies to TTD being the first strata coaster and not S:EFK, S:EFK was not a full circuit roller coaster.


Strata Poster
As Maverix alluded, I don't think, from what little footage is out there that more than a couple rows of the train actually break the 200-foot plane, and that top speed really backs up that concept. Virtually all coasters with a 200 foot drop reach 70 mph.


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
Moonsault Scrambler was indeed the first 200 ft. tall roller coaster (Held the Guinness record until 1996 with Fujiyama); but for all intensive purposes, poor record keeping and questionable operations make it more an honorable mention than a serious roller coaster to remember.

In terms of being a hyper roller coaster, the definition requires a full circuit (same for giga and strata). This this light, Magnum was the first hyper roller coaster. In a similar turn, while Superman: Escape from Krypton and Tower of Terror were the first to reach 300 ft., MF was the first giga roller coaster.