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Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster @ Yomiuri Land to close on 20th of September


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Yomiuri Land's "MOMOnGA" loop coaster will cease operations on September 20, 2021 (Monday, national holiday).

The world's first standing coaster
"The loop coaster MOMOnGA opened in 1979.

This marks the end of its 42-year history.

In addition to the seated type, a standing type was introduced in 1982.

It was also the world's first standing coaster.

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It's the one with the stand-up and sit down trains which switch with the transfer track in the station.
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But I wanted to ride the 'flying squirrel' :( Well actually just gawp at the different train types in the station but this is disappointing. I wonder if this is linked to the new coaster opening in 2021, either budget reasons or they don't need both no more.

I take it that entry to Japan to ride this in its remaining 20 days wouldn't be considered 'exceptional circumstances' by the government.


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Not the most memorable coaster I've ridden, but I didn't realise it was the first stand up! Quite the colour scheme too!
It originally opened as a sit-down coaster in 1979. The standup train was first added in 1982. RCDB goes as far as to state that it began public operations with the standup train a day after the now-defunct Dangai stand-up coaster first opened at the former Thrill Valley park.

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And then there were nine.......

Here's what's left of the ever-dwindling stand-ups:

4 B&M's - all in the US

4 Togo's - 3 in Japan, 1 in Italy

And the lone Intamin left, Shockwave, soldiers on at Drayton Manor

How much longer will this endangered species of coaster last?
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At first I thought the title said Yomiuriland would close two coasters, but apparently that's just one long coaster name.

Fortunately, the park is opening another coaster to make up for it. Well, they're closing an Extreme coaster and opening a family coaster, but still. It leaves the place in a better position than many Japanese parks. At least they have received three coasters since 2010, even though one of them had to close permanently the day it opened.


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glad I snuck a ride on this a couple years ago. still the most needlessly slow loading operation of any coaster I've ever seen... you'd think loading two trains at once using a sliding table is simple. but the amount of times they would swap empty trains back and forth for no reason was plain impressive.

not a memorable coaster in any way, but I rode it with friends (not goons), and their excitement was fun. so I'll remember it that way!