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Missing Prater cred?


Giga Poster
Hello, folks. This afternoon and evening I was at Wiener Prater and I knocked out 14 of the 15 current coasters. However, I couldn’t find one called Auto BergBahn. (By the photos on rcdb I’m not sure I’d call it a coaster, but coaster-count does.) There are no park maps anywhere, and since all the attractions are owned independently, none of the employees I asked had any clue where this is. RCDB tells me it’s in “Area 82,” but I have no idea where that is.

I believe this coaster is a permanent fixture at the park, so can any former visitors give me a sense of where to find this ride?

Much obliged. You guys helped with the Krakow cred, so I thought I’d ask about this one as well.


Giga Poster
Its a wooden kiddie-coaster that they don't let adults ride.

Aw. They let me ride the coaster called Race and that’s about as kiddie as it gets. I believe you, but I’m going to try anyway, just because I like a little humiliation.

Now that I know where to look, and now that it’s light outside, I’ve gone to the rooftop restaurant of my parkside hotel for breakfast, and at one glance I can immediately see the ride with a big sign. :rolleyes::p


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Aw. They let me ride the coaster called Race and that’s about as kiddie as it gets.
Race is a kiddie cred, but the trains are made for adults to ride in as well. You'd be lucky to fit your legs in AutoBergbahn's cars. Though I've seen videos of adults riding it, so I'll just wish you best of luck on your conquest. 😂


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Well, I tried. :p My German was inadequate and my English was not understood, so I had to ask several times, adding to the humiliation, and then when he finally understood he said no. And as I type this I’m realizing that “Do you really want to hurt me?” is playing over the tannoy. :D So appropriate.

P.S Is it a Prater requirement that all operators of kiddie rides smoke on the job? :p