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400: Yankee Cannonball (Canobie Lake)

So back in 2016, Coaster Counter went down for the entire summer, so I switched my tracking over to Coaster-Count. Since then, I've always had a discrepancy but could never find it...until Saturday. I claimed that I rode Lil Phantom on Coaster Counter, but did not count it on Coaster Count. This is an interesting conundrum.

My first trip to Kennywood was back in 2010, so my 100 and 200 remain unchanged. If I really did ride Lil Phantom, this means that my 400th WAS actually Steel Vengeance! Unfortunately, I cannot remember the order in which we rode rides at Six Flags New England, so I'm not totally sure what we rode before Wicked Cyclone as 300 - it might have been Pandemonium or Goliath...I'm not sure. To add to the confusion, my trip report from that trip was mainly spark notes, so I don't have an order there either.

I'll have to dig up some pictures to confirm that I did actually ride Lil Phantom as well as what order we rode coasters at SFNE, so as of now I'm going to leave my milestones as is.


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Bit of review here, but I’m not gonna double -post in another thread. Just got Intimidator 305 for my 150th credit and holy ****. I was looking for reasons not to like it (didn’t much care for Maverick, wasn’t...intimidated...by the sight of it as I pulled up this morning) but I was wrong. If I’m honest, I was always derisive of people talking about grey-outs because I’d never experienced one. I have now. That second ride I literally forgot where I was for a second. Good lord, the hype is real, that first turn is intense, and the whole thing is just fantastic.


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Goddamn, rctneil, I live in the US and it’s taken me a year to get 50 creds I seriously don’t know how you can rack them up like that in one trip but congrats!


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1,600 today, on the imaginatively named Hanging Coaster at Crab Island, which I'm sure is on everyone's bucket list.


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It's taken me over 250 and counting so be proud! Yet to ride any RMC but should be getting Untamed in August.
Same here. I'm getting my #300 sooner than getting my first RMC. At least Untamed is now much easier to reach for me than any other RMC before, so I should get there soon enough, even if I don't have any plans to get to the area this year.