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Milestone Coasters in Your Count


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1,600 today, on the imaginatively named Hanging Coaster at Crab Island, which I'm sure is on everyone's bucket list.

The transitions on that are horrible to watch let alone ride. I remember thinking it didn;t look like it was going to make it back to the station when it got to the second half. Not a good ride at all.
Sometimes, you're having so much fun at a theme park you forget exactly where you're coaster count is! But for the most part I try to make a milestone special. Didn't have much control over my no. 1 (some dragon coaster in the Isle of Wight). Not much to say about my 50, which was Marble Madness at Pleasurewood Hills - but my 100th was Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and 150th was Vortex at Kings Island (special rides for me as I'd first seen both of these book 19 years previously called White Knuckle Ride - the book that really kicked off my 'coaster enthusiasm'). I'm on 177 now and hoping to make my 200th special if I can!
Also it is polarising you're right... I LOVED the Beast - maybe not the trims, but I think they're needed as it goes fast and the sense of speed is just a heck of a lot of fun. Especially the tunnel part. Also I got a pitch black night ride on it and that was INSANELY good. Though I have yet to get a night ride on Voyage.. one day.


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50 just happened to be Kingda Ka which was a big moment since I had waited several years to finally go ride it.
75 was Racer 75 because I'm that kind of goon.
100 was Storm Runner.
This woodie was AMAZING! The lap bar only goes down so far to the point where I was standing up on every hill in both the front of the back. The ejector was truly damn insane. And best of all, no matter where or when you ride; front, middle, back, rain, shine, day, night, you get the hype and have the absolute time of your life. Rode it 6 times and laughed my ass off every time.

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Sooooo, I was at 299 at the end of my trip and have been brainstorming what to make 300. I was on Coaster Count and saw that I’d forgotten to check off Speedy Gonzales! So, turns out, Untamed is my 300th!!! Shame I didn’t get the obligatory photo, but my 300th was an RMC so I can’t complain.

Can’t remember any 50s, but I do remember my big ones.
1- Barnstormer
100- Outlaw Run
200- Silver Bullet
300- Untamed


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Got a half-milestone and a milestone on my current trip, hitting the latter today. (And I guess this is it for marking half-milestones.)

100. Woodstock Express (KD)
(150. Skyrush)
200. Mako
(250. Diamondback)
300. Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)
(350. Monster)
400. Superman El Ultimo Escape
(450. Untamed)
500. Silver Star


1. Runaway Train, Paultons Park (RIP)
50. Wodan, Europa Park
100. Balder, Liseberg

Being woodies was completely unintentional, it actually turned out I had missed a credit on my list and it changed from a kiddie credit to Balder being my #100!