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Milestone Coasters in Your Count


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Got my 300th cred at Kings Island last month.
I was ill prepared in that I hadn't made a 300 sign, but we took the picture anyway and fortunately @DelPiero, with his superior photoshop skills, was kind enough to seamlessly edit in a discreet yet appropriate sign on my behalf. Thanks Tom :)

*spoiler-ed for language.
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I never started counting till I got up in the 90's on my count. But I do keep a log for my kids..
100 - Diamondback (me)
100 - Lightning Rod (wife)
50 - Diamondback (oldest son) yes we rode it together.
50 - Bizarro: SFGA (daughter) I tried talking her into Kingda Ka for her 50th but she wasn't ready for it .
50 - Twisted Cyclone (youngest son)


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#1 Beastie, Alton Towers, UK (1999/2000)
#100 Bizarro, Six Flags New England, US (2011)
#200 Anubis, Plopsaland De Panne, Belgium (2012)
#300 Tornado, Bakken, Denmark (2013)
#400 Tornado, Särkänniemi, Finland (2015)
#500 Goliath, La Ronde, Canada (2016)
#600 Wildfire, Kolmården, Sweden (2016)
#700 Ba-a-a Express, Europa Park, Germany (2017)
#800 Astro Storm, Brean ‘Theme’ Park, UK (2018)

Finally went to Brean today. Ew.


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100: Troy, Toverland
150: Moncayo, Parque de Attraciones de Zaragoza

Have the likes of Shambala and Kahn on the same trip but the milestone ends up as that.....


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100: X-Flight (Geauga Lake)
200: Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags America)
300: Wicked Cyclone (Six Flags New England)
399: Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point)

It's going to be a bit awkward rolling up to Canobie Lake next month and picking which disappointment will be 400 (Probably Yankee Cannonball).


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Actually, I have a dilemma. I was keeping track of my count and realized 300 would fall on a classic ride and what is still a great coaster: KW’s Jack Rabbit. This, to me, was a satisfying choice, and I rode it with a feeling of it being that milestone.

Then I discovered that I had neglected to check four coasters I’d ridden a week earlier at Kings Island. So that made me recalibrate and realize that my actual 300th had been Comet at Waldameer, an older coaster but nothing special.

So now which one do I need to say was my 300th, the emotionally true choice of Jack Rabbit, or the mathematically true choice of the Comet?


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The only milestone coaster I currently have is:
1st - Runaway Mine Train (Alton Towers)
So I'm going to have to go up in tens as far as I can:
10th - Unknown
20th - Unknown
30th - Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)
40th will be - Wicker Man (Alton Towers) (provided it's open on the 18th March)
Sorry to bump the thread, but I reckon this needs an update! Since then, I've hit both my 40th coaster and my 50th coaster! I might even add dates, too! So:
(New milestones in bold.)
1st: Runaway Mine Train (Alton Towers) (exact date unknown)
10th: Unknown
20th: Unknown
30th: Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) (22nd August 2016)
40th: Wicker Man (Alton Towers) (25th March 2018)
50th: Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) (14th August 2018)

60th will likely be something at WDW next April! I'm really glad to have finally hit the big 50th, though!


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Sorry to bump the thread, but I reckon this needs an update!
Dude, stop apologising! The last post in this thread was a month ago, and it's one of those rolling threads that we always expect to see floating around the top. I do appreciate your politeness, but it's starting to become a little much!

Good work on 50! Was a long time ago for me, but I remember the excitement, so enjoy. :)


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60th will likely be something at WDW next April! I'm really glad to have finally hit the big 50th, though!
Delly P's right y'know. 10's are only permissable up to 50.
75 is kinda ok, I guess, but you defo cant have 60. No way. That's just too easy. ;)
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