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Milestone Coasters in Your Count


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I'm doing the Gold Coast parks 1st - 3rd April and probably dropping in at Luna Park, Melbourne on 24 March :)
Looking at their website you seem to be quite lucky with your days, since no major rides will be down then (though DC Rivals has a brief maintenance window a week before, I think you should be fine)!


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Sandwell Valley Country Park (can probably get that next time we have West Brom away - it's 2 miles from their stadium) and Bosworth Leisure Park (just up the road from Drayton)

(Got Cannon Hill a while back :p )


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It never has been for me. I'm all about the thrill, the maximum experience. It seems like a lot of people will go to a park just to be able to add coasters to their "count", but if the coaster doesn't particularly look thrilling/interesting, I won't ride it.


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It seems like a lot of people will go to a park just to be able to add coasters to their "count", but if the coaster doesn't particularly look thrilling/interesting, I won't ride it.
You must be new here? :D
Welcome to the bizarre new world of goonery.
Yeah we all say that in the beginning - "I'm all about the thrill, me" - but it's a slippery slope my friend. Give it a couple of seasons and you'll be mopping up every wacky worm and go-gator within driving distance, just like the rest of us. :)


^ Howie's right; at first I didn't care too much about creds, but now I'll pretty much ride anything (as long as it's worth it)!
1 - Candy Cane Coaster at Santa's Workshop (2006)
50 - Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure (June 2015)
100 - Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain (June 2017)

150 should be at Alton Towers in late June, and 200 should be in Texas in November.
My first coaster was the rollercoaster at Metroland in the UK

My 50th was Thirteen at Alton Towers

Im currently sitting on 98 with a visit planned to the North East of the US in June starting at a little place on Lake Erie where I'm missing 5 credits ( TTD, Blue Streak, Mine Train, Iron Dragon and Steel Vengeance)


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100 - Caterpillar Coaster, Camelot
200 - Troy, Toverland
300 - Sierra Sidewinder, Knott’s Berry Farm
400 - Poseidon, Europa Park
500 - Formule X, Drievliet
600 - Speed Monster, Tusenfryd
700 - Space Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland
800 - Runaway Train, St. Nicholas Park
900 - Formula Rossa, Ferrari World

Feels like bloody ages since the last milestone, so yay! Bring on 1000.

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1st Overall Fairly Odd Coaster
1st Steel Fairly Odd Coaster
1st Wood Twister II
100th Maverick
150th Fly (CW)
200th Intimidator 305
250th Kiddie Coaster (Lakeside)
300th Wicked Cyclone
350th Flight Deck (CGA)
400th Kraken
450th Galaxi (Joyland)
500th GaleForce
550th Python Pit (Go Bananas)
600th Icon
650th Dream Catcher
700th Falcon
750th Odinexpressen

Typically I try to made 100s as good as possible and 50s funny. Being on a massive EU trips though it wasn't easy to ensure I did that though. Falcon being a major milestone was kinda sad.


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Wait, you've done more than 150 European coasters in 2 weeks since Icon opened? Woah...
I rode Icon early during the VIP preview event. I was in Europe for 18 days and pretty much averaged 2 parks a day. The only days I did 1 park a day were the really popular parks like Alton, Europa, and Phantasialand. I had a very aggressive trip that luckily worked out perfectly. I had never been to Europe before though so every single coaster and park was brand new making it a lot easier.


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By the time I started actually counting I was past 150 so I do not know what my 100th or 150th was unfortunately.

200: Karnan
250: Mind Eraser - SFA (Quite a big drop off I know)

If all goes according to plan I should be making Tornado at Bakken my 300 in 2 weeks!


Little update :)
50: Dragon Khan - PA
100: Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa
150: Wilde Maus XXL
200: Taron - Phantasialand
250: Thunderhead - Dollywood
300: Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland