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Milestone Coasters in Your Count

Darren B

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Jake said:
I know the milestone police don't agree, but I count them in 50s just because.

50 - Clown coaster, BPB - 2006 [UK]
100 - Xpress, Walibi World - 2006 [Netherlands]
150 - Dragon Flyer, Camelot, 2007 [UK]
200 - Runaway Train, Dunes Leisure, 2008 [UK]
250 - Vortex, Canada's Wonderland, 2008 [Canada]
300 - Volcano, Kings Dominion, 2008 [US]
350 - Scorpian, BGA, 2008 [US]
400 - Kong, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, 2009 [US]
450 - Ghostrider, Knotts Berry Farm, 2009 [US]
500 - Supersonic Odyssey, Cosmo's World, 2010 [Malaysia]
550 - Kiddi Koasta, Adventure Island, 2011 [UK]
600 - Rotating Pulley, Century Park Shanghai, 2011 [China]
650 - Cobra, Attractionmania, 2013 [Russia]
700 - Mick Doohan's Motocoaster, Dreamworld, 2015 [Australia]
750 - Poseiden, Europa Park, 2015 [Germany]
You disgust me!

Anyway, I hit 550.


Darren B

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mouse said:
Sorry, poor phrasing :p.
I mean are you counting it as a milestone ironically?
I got you the first time, and yes, I'm counting it ironically.

If I was legitimately counting in 50's it'd make me a disgrace to society. Right up there with child molesters & Rapists.


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Haven't been on as many as you guys (loved coasters since i was little but only did the classic thorpe, chessington, legoland circuit every year till i was 16 ^^)

1 - Runaway train - Paultons Park [UK]
50 - Dueling Dragons - Islands of Adventure [US]
100 - X - if all goes to plan it will be helix ^^

Ayy Lmao

Mysterious Sue said:
I'd also be amazed if they let you on the kidddie woodie at Prater Jerry. It has tiny, tiny car-shaped cars (I didn't even attempt it when I went last week):

Haven't updated this in a while. Quite happy that, so far, all my milestones have been in different countries :D

100 Ben 10 - Ultimate Mission, Drayton Manor, UK
200 Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure, USA
300 Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Disney, Hong Kong
400 Vuoristorata, Linnanmäki, Finland
500 Colossos, Heide Park, Germany
600 White Cyclone, Nagashima Spaland, Japan
I'm trying to imagine a obese man riding that.

Mysterious Sue

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Bugger it. Just realised there was a glitch in my count which means that I actually had three more creds at the end of last year than I thought. That means my 500 and 600 milestones are out! I'm still good for one in each country, thankfully :D

100 Ben 10, UK
200 Nitro, USA
300 Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars , Hong Kong
400 Vuoristorata, Finland
500 Krake, Germany
600 Wild Mouse, Japan


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It's not a proper milestone but Scenic Railway at Dreamland was my 100th Woodie on Saturday!


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1100: Tower of Terror - Gold Reef City


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Ben said:
Got my 900th today on DiVertical at Mirabilandia. It was fab.
DiVertical is awesome (totally not saying this to spite people who got... well...spited).


100 - Supersplash @ Plopsaland
150 - Runaway Train @ Bottons Pleasure Beach
200 - Cat-O-Pillar @ Paultons Park


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1. Yankee Canonball - Canobie Lake Park
10. Bizarro - Six Flags New England
25. Maverick - Cedar Point
50. Stealth - Thorpe Park
100. Voyage - Holiday World

Wasn't sure I was gonna get it today either. It closed multiple times, but thankfully I eventually got the cred.


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1. Raptor - Cedar Point (1996)
100: Voyage - Holiday World (2007)
200: Batman: The Ride - SFGAm (2009?)
300: Lightning Run - Kentucky Kingdom (2016)


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^ Haha I still remember 2009 we all got milestones at Six Flags Great America. I think it was my 100th on Raging Bull, your 200th on Batman, and Jerry's 300th on... I forget? The indoor coaster? Whizzer? Still, that was kind of cool. Doesn't happen like that often!