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Midland Mayhem IV Trip Reports


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Make me jealous by posting about the wonderful time you had a Alton and Drayton here!


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Group photos from today:


General photos of the day!

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 5ef15efc0d


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There is a small trip report coming from me, but I only took one photo (at Alton) that's worth sharing. It's a nice big panorama of Nemesis from an angle I've never actually used before. I'm really pleased with how it came out and I hope you like it too!

(Sorry if it takes a bit longer to load. Click it to see it big and sexy)


No pictures of people though...


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Nice picture Hixee. Where was it taken from? I'm guessing it's where the old queueline used to go up and along the top of Nemesis?


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^Well, you say old, we were queuing in it! :p

But yeah, it's from that top loop the goes behind the entrance and down the side of the first drop. Just before the drinks machines up there. If all the trees were cut back (I don't think they should, but) it gives phenomenal views of the ride all round. :)

Nemesis Inferno

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Looks like first back from Drayton today...

Alton was BUSY!!!! Queue to park up and Monofail (since it broke AGAIN) did not excite me greatly... But the group being surrounded by rogue ducks and geese was...

The day itself went by stupidly fast... 3 rides before lunch and 5 after wasn't the greatest ride count but considering the queues of DEATH (especially Air the unreliable piece of crap) but much amusement was to be found within them... Especially when it involves The Room, Arnie impressions, and SPIDERS!

Enjoyed the KFC mini-meet... Did NOT enjoy the stupid car park getting out phase... WTF?! Hideous people can never return to the park again...

As per usual good to see old faces and new... Kimahri <3

I'll do Drayton after food... WOOOO!


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Imma do a better report when I'm bacome and hopefully figured out, Why...


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And that photo Hixee is the reason why you got split up by fasttrackers when you could have been at the front with us :p

Didn't go to Drayton today and Benin just pretty much summed up the day at Towers. I really have cursed the monorail, it breaks every time I go. Also being forced to go right when we exitted Towers really did lead to some fun country roads trying to find our way around back to Stafford.


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Nicky said:
And that photo Hixee is the reason why you got split up by fasttrackers when you could have been at the front with us :p
I'll tell you something, it was worth it. :p

Right, time for my report. It's a little longer than I expected it to be considering I'm not very good to these reports, but anyway, here goes:

Absolutely great time with everyone yesterday.

After a bit of faff meeting Kim and Loefet, we got into the park and met the first few members. Soon after everyone was at the meet up point and we headed off to X-Sector. Enterprise was... OK I guess... I think JayJay got the short straw (or long straw ;) ) as he was in my lap, but it was reasonably good. Next was Oblivion and like I said on the day, that ride will NEVER get old. It's absolutely fantastic. There was also plenty of Fanta based hatred, which is good, because it looks **** abysmal. Such a disappointment.

Then I think there was some more faffing as we headed to Thirteen (through the castle). Queuing was interesting for that, Neal got a bit too hyper off Karen's sweets I think! Thirteen was a bit meh, but it was actually made fun by riding with a randomer who didn't know what was going on! About the only way to really enjoy it sadly...

After that it was time for a lunch break. Loefet and I decided we were going to try and get on the single-rider for Rita, until furie shouted to us and let us ride with Steph (I think that was her name, I feel awful I can't remember for definite... :? ) who used her disability pass to get us on it straight away! Must thank her (and Phil) for letting us do that. We then headed to Burger King to get some lunch. I'd been sneaky and brought in a pasty (Loefet didn't know what one was?!), but Loefet got his food and we sat in the sun having a chat about all sorts of stuff, including how he thinks out public transport is better than Sweden's, which surprised me a bit!

We still had over an hour left on the lunch break at this point, so we walked across the valley and went to ride Nemesis single rider. Loefet got lucky and managed to get a front row (right) seat, which I think he loved! :p I got a seat somewhere in the middle... It'd only taken us ten minutes to ride, so we got back in the single rider queue with Peter, Martyn H and Fraiser. Loefet struck gold again and got a back row (left) seat, so he couldn't have been happier! We all five of us managed to get on one train, which was surprising!

When we'd finished with Nemesis it was time for the meet-up by the Rapids. We just made it in time for the group photo, then it was onto the rapids. Urgh, my back got soaked and I was NOT a happy Hixee. :( Still, it was a good laugh with the other guys and I wasn't the only one who got wet, so I didn't feel too bad. Then it was time for the Runaway Mine Train. After an interesting conversation with furie’s son where I was foolishly outwitted, we rode the Mine Train. It still sucks sadly.

Then it was Duel. For some reason the whole car thought it was a good idea to shoot me in the face the whole wa round instead of the tagets. Somehow they scored some points, but mostly just blinded me! Then it was Nemesis again <3 (that’s when I took the sexy photo :p ) and then Ripsaw and then Air… urgh. Air failed so hard. Sadly at that point I had to make a dash for the bus. I had enough time really, I’d just rather be safe than sorry.

So this has been a horrible report, boring and picturelss, but it’s certainly no reflection on the day! I had a great time (as ever) and it was really nice meeting all the CFers again and getting back into the swing of things with them. I hope I can make it to more Lives this year, and this felt like a good start. :)


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My trip report:

Left my house at 7:30 a.m to get there on time just in case there was roadworks on the way. Ended up there wasn't any so got Alton village very early. We (me and my dad) decided to have a look at the old railway station in Alton. Still all intact since it shut in the 60's


Old entrance for the building that Hex is in.


Old train station from road bridge.


View from track bed towards road bridge.


The station building, now a private house.

When we left from the station, A huge queue of cars came up the road we think were you lot arriving. We ended up parking right at the back so went to get on the Monorail. We got to the front of the queue and then the Monorail stopped for a bit which was presumably to put a extra train on the track. When we got to the meeting point, Everyone was very friendly and easy to chat to. Headed to X-sector, I went on Enterprise and Oblivion. Afterwards, Furie took us down a shortcut through the building. Great shortcut that was. Got to Th13teen, I didn't like the queue for that but ride better than I thought. Totally forgot about the backwards section. Great surprise :--D . The lunch break was next and I would heavily reccomend the Pie place next to Rita for food. :--D . I then headed over to Duel Via the Skyride. Annoyingly, My dad beat me on that. We (me and my dad) then headed to The Runaway Mine Train. Met back up with the group after that and actually got wet on the rapids. The group photos were taken and went back on the Mine train with the group this time. After the Mine train I neede the toilet so went while the others went on Duel. While Waiting, I had a suprisngly nice ice cream from the little shop outside Duel. WE then headed to Nemeisis Where I took this photo and video.




I had totally forgot how great Nemesis Is. It's briliant and the G's made it feel like my feet were going to come off. :--D . We then went on Ripsaw and actually got wet on it. I then split from the group to go on the flume so got on the skyrideto the entrance. The flumes queue was longer than expected but still great. I then tried to go on Spinball after that as I worked out I didn't have time to get back for Air. I was halfway around the main queue when I realised I was in the wrong queue because my dad wasn't riding. I climbed over the fence into the single riders. The ride ops finished off the main queue and started letting the spare single riders on. I got to the front of the queue and then the ride ops told me I had apparntly queue jumped when it had actually took me longer than it would have normally. I tried to say why I went over the fence but they had none of it had didn't allow me on. :evil: :x I then had to go down the exit and leave as it was 6 o' clock. I was annoyed about that all the way home.

Huge queue getting out the carparks and happened to see Stone cold and one of the people from my school as I left. Getting out of the carpark My dad went in the wrong lane and we ended up on a huge, slow de tour to the north. As soon we got on the M6 it was good going and got home rather quickly. Stopped off at the Queensferry KFC on the way back. :--D . I had a Big daddy meal and my dad had his usual of the Original recipe meal. Got home and relaxed.

So the day started bad and ended worse :p . Good day inbetween though. Good meeting everyone and my Dad and I would like to thank Furie for organising it.


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I had a lovely day today.
The Drayton Lives never fail to make me smile!

Here's the group photos:




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Hixee, where was the part where you met me and fell in love <//3

Currently wading through TROLLOPS of footage. Watch this SPACE.


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^Oh yeah, did I mention that AJ and I fell in love?

Sorry babe... forgiveness? :p


Got home a few hours ago after an awesome day at Alton Towers yesterday...

This whole thing started as I spotted the Live topic this Tuesday, and thought "how hard could it be??", after some quick questions in the live topic and looking on the internet I managed to make a plan on how it could all work out. Then on Wednesday I was booked and ready to go...

Why even bother to do this when we already plan on going back to the UK next year?? Well the "Alpengeist intensity" topic is a major factor in this, I don't have a log on Nemesis (which have pissed me of a lot, since it's probably the most requested graph from us), which became the reason why I even bothered...

So onto the trip:
Got the SleasyJet flight to Manchester which I had no problem with, same thing with the train to Crewe (one of the worst places I have ever been, almost as bad as Kiruna, which is a place that have been described as "in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing"...) and arrived at the hotel close to the train station (which was a good thing :p , the hotel were pretty nice though).
The next day I got up (in my view) unnecessary early, but hey what wouldn't you do to hang out in a theme park with CF?? A train and bus ride later and I was at Alton, and it was a really nice day! Waited until Hixee showed up with some BOGOF which are full of WIN. Then the day passed by like Hixee described, had a great time meeting a lot of people from CF both new and old and spent a lot of time talking about more or less nothing...
After my 3:rd ride on Nemesis then things started to take a turn for the worse...
Air had serious issues, the bus on the way back to Stoke broke down 5 times (every time someone pressed the stop button), the first train this morning became late after I got on it at Crewe, which almost made me miss the connection to Manchester Airport (the only one I could take to get there on time, or so I thought), when I got there I saw that my flight were late due to it being stuck in Alicante...
Still I got home in one piece, even if an Icelandic volcano had decided to make a re-run of Eyjafjallajökul...

Enterprise <3, running great, got a pretty decent ride of this one.
Oblivion, even if the fanta bit ruins the experience a lot, this ride still delivers one of the best thrills in the world.
Thirteen, though that this was a lot better than what everyone was saying, a bit quirky and the drop was great, I don't however approve of the trims in the drop since they are the main reason why this thing is pretty mediocre.
Rita, just like Desert Race, sans ending, but rougher...
Nemesis, got 3 rides, front right, back left, back right. The one in the back right were easily the best of them, a really great coaster that isn't as forceful as most expect...
Rapids, not as wet as some I have been on, but the cold water wasn't pleasant.
Runaway Mine Train, good for a power-coaster.
Duel, nothing spectacular but had a good time still.
Air, not as rough as I remembered it to be, but the section where you lie on your back is just uncomfortable and pointless...

I didn't take any pictures of anything (did that 7 years ago...) but I have some things that some might think is interesting:

Blue = Vertical forces
Red = Acceleration forces
Green = Lateral forces


Much requested on the day, DUEL!! :p


Oblivion, short and sweet, but actually don't have any extreme forces, -0.2 - ~3.5 g's...


Rita is nearly exactly the same as Desert Race, except for the ending, even if people says otherwise...


The one for Air is a bit hard to read, since the change in position is screwing up the sensor position, Still 2 g's on your back isn't pleasant at all.


Thirteen, the beginning is similar to any other kiddy coaster, but it's nice to see that the main drop is pretty powerful and actually lasts for 1 second.

And now to finish it all of:


NEMESIS (back right), this is something that I have wanted to do since my brother made our first accelerometer (2006), I would say that it pulls around 4.5-4.6 g's in the helix into the zero-g and not the 6+ g's that I have heard some people say. It's actually about as powerful as any other B&M invert, but it's the length of the force in the helix that makes people think it's more powerful than it is...
It's still a great ride though :)

Thanks, Phil for making it happen, Hixee for the BOGOF and for hangin out, Steph for the Rita que jump :) and everyone else for the great time during my visit!!

Until next time...


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I'll do a report during the week when I'm less tired, but once again, many thanks to everybody who attended.

My highlight was meeting loads of new people. I hope all the first-timers felt welcome and will become regulars!

Loved every second of the weekend and that includes G-Force at DMP!