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Michigan's Adventure [with furries]


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Yes, I am one. No, I'm not making a deal about it.

So last week (July 17th), I set up a meet at Michigan's Adventure. I hadn't gone there in about 6 years, so I felt it needed a visit.

Our day began with the hot air balloons flying up over Jackson.

Then our venture up north started. JOE DRIVING SHOT!

And Sarah tried to get a picture of herself (And her new shirt)

Driving through Mid-Michigan:

Then we arrive about an hour before opening, the parking lot not even open yet. So I grabbed some pictures of the legendary Shivering Timbers:

Cars in back of us:

About 20 minutes before opening, we got in, and I swear I've never had a closer parking spot in any park:

Mad Mouse, waiting for us:

The pain...the pain...

Gates opened, and we met up with fellow furry Heather, who oddly enough is a coaster enthusiast as well!
And the park was...oddly quiet...at first...


We headed out to Mad Mouse, since it would be the longest line due to the low capacity:

The ride was fun, but I don't care for the lats on mouses to begin with:

We headed out to shivering timbers, since the rest of the group got pulled over about 30 miles away:

I really like the area around the sign:

Shot of Wildcat while we were waiting for it:

More peeps showed up, as we headed for the back of the park to work our way front:

What were we going to ride?

What could it be?

Thunderhawk! Of course! The only coaster here I haven't done!

And no line! Walk to the station:

Some pictures:

Now, a REVIEW!
Firstly, I can't see why people complain about the roughness on these. Maybe I was lucky, but it wasn't too bad. I've certainly done a lot worse. Expecting a painful journey, I instead got a fun, forceful little coaster. I can see why these are popular: cheap and fun. The only real complaint I can give is the thicker restraints, but they weren't so bad.

Overall, very fun and forceful, but not the greatest. I'll do it again if I come back.

We headed our way front, a few doing the nearby carousel, the rest of us going on the nearby corkscrew.

Which was running slow, due to one train and crappy ride hosts:

I don't like the color of the inside station:

And it was painful. At least it's very photogenic, as apparent with all these pictures:

We headed on over to Wolverine Wildcat, which was ok, but nothing to write home about:

But I did get some impressive pictures:


For as little as the park has, they do very well with what it's got:

After another round of Shivering Timbers (Which moved up in my rankings. Seriously, you MUST of had a bad ride), we went to the waterpark. Obviously I didn't take any pictures, nor did I stay long: while the ride park was empty, the waterpark was packed.

On our way out I take a ride on Zach's Zoomer, which is a fun little coaster.

More Pictures:

Even...rode Big Dipper. And yes, it's still the worst:

One more ride on Shivering Timbers, are we're heading home. All smiles:

Ride count:
Shivering Timbers: 3
Thunderhawk: 3
Corkscrew: 1
Mad Mouse: 1
Wolverine Wildcat: 1
Zach's Zoomer: 1
Big Dipper: 1
Tilt-a-whirl: 1

And I wanted to practice with my new camera, so here's a video of the day. It also proves that, with little video, you can make a decent video:


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If it ever got a retrack, it would run back to optimal performance with awesome floater and great speed over every hill. But the jackhammering and shotty maintenance has ruined that dream. I got to ride it when it was just a few years old, was developing some of that roughness but OMG the drop in the backseat was awesome. Especially when my buddy and I had a TON of room in the lap bar. The other hills subsequently offered STANDING airtime one every drop.

A couple years later, it was mearly a shell of its former self :(


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Doesn't help the return trip offers nothing in terms of airtime either.


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I've heard that since I was there last, it's gotten a bit more rough. It's a shame, really. Sounds like you had fun, but why no photos of you guys in the furry suits?


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Snoo said:

Doesn't help the return trip offers nothing in terms of airtime either.

Yea, in order for the return to have airtime, you need the speed on the first half that is now lost with terrible tracking.

This is a ride that just needs a GCI retracking or the Iron Horse treatment. Youd be more limited but dang, you could basically create an even better El Toro with what, 5-6 straight ridiculous airtime hills?


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Antinos said:
Sounds like you had fun, but why no photos of you guys in the furry suits?
Park policy, being you can't wear anything that conceils your face. Also, $1,200+ suits on coasters? I wouldn't.