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Manchester Star Flyer


Spent a relaxing day in Manchester at the weekend & took a ride on the Star Flyer which is in located in Piccadilly Gardens for a few more months. I felt more scared on this ride than the one at Plopsaland (Belgium).

Seeing this type of ride in a city is amazing as it blends in very well & would be an excellent "permanent" attraction.

For those who can't make a visit, have a few pic's:

& POV (not taken by me) of it:



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Kinda looks like Six Flags's Sky Screamer but painted blue. Yes it does fit in there perfectly! It looks much better surrounded by sky scrapers instead of other rides that are like 100+ ft shorter.


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To bad it's in Manchester though ;) joking...
It does look really nice with taller building around it, but I do think they look better in theme parks, not citie's.

Also, everything's bigger in texas.

Tom G

I was in Manchester at the weekend and couldn't see this. I wasn't too fussed about going on it but I remembered that it was there and looked around but I guess it was hidden behind a building...

Does it have any queues?


It's in Piccadilly Gardens in the centre of Manchester. It's right near Market Street Metrolink shop and opposite the side of Primark.


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The enthusiast in me says it's £6 a ride and the ride cycle is crap so I wouldn't bother riding it.

However, if I was going out with my mates and they all wanted to ride it, or if I was taking a girl on a date and she wanted to go on, I'd gladly take her. Like the wheel which used to occupy the space near Triangle,s it's a pretty cool attraction in the middle of city if you're on a day out and aren't a complete goon about paying £6 per person.