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Man rescued from inside Oblivion's tunnel


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A guest at Alton Towers today caused a major safety incident after entering the underground ride area of the Oblivion rollercoaster.

Eyewitness accounts reported a male as climbing over the safety fences and “dropping” into the rear of the underground section, where the ride’s track emerges from an underground tunnel.
He allegedly waded through the water feature which surrounds the track emergence point, and scaled the wire fencing protecting the track.

This website understands that several trains passed through the area, although the ride was eventually stopped.
The X Sector area of the park was closed off by staff, and people already in the area were reportedly moved on.

The BBC has quoted a spokesman for Alton Towers as saying: “As with all our rides the area surrounding the Oblivion track is securely fenced off and ride operators reacted immediately in line with our well rehearsed safety procedures.

“A full investigation will now be carried out,” they added.

The male was reportedly uninjured in the incident, which occurred at approximately 14:20 on Tuesday.

He was rescued by three fire crews and taken to hospital nearby as a precaution.

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Mega Poster
Erm, what the hell was he thinking?

If it turns out that he did it to retrieve something he dropped onride from the tunnel i'll lose all hope for humanity.


The Legend
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Sounds like the guy in Atlanta who wanted his hat back.


Hyper Poster
I can't possibly understand how anyone can enter a closed off area so nonchalantly without anyone immediately stoping them.


Giga Poster
Just incredibly lucky he didn't hit one of the trains, he could have killed someone on board if he collided with them.

Stupidity of the highest order.


CF Legend
What a **** moron. It's a pity they didn't sent an empty train around and wipe the knob head out. What an absolute idiot, there's signs saying "DANGER: Keep Out" for a reason.


CF Legend
I'm surprised as to how he even got down there though? And why you would want to? Definitely, definitely on drugs, nobody of sound mind would do this.

And Oblivion had to be shut for the rest of the day, what a bellend.


Giga Poster
What I want to know is, why didn't someone stop him?
I wish Alton Towers would put him in the middle of the track at the end of Rita's Launch. What a T*#T.


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gavin said:
Taken to hospital as a precaution. What a load of bollocks. He should have been taken to the nearest police station. End of.
Sounds like there's a good possibility he's mentally ill (possibly severely), so it's entirely appropriate he was taken to hospital, to check his mental health wasn't about to cause a danger to himself or others.


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Smithy said:
Wait wut, has he gone through the entire tunnel and climbed up to that point then?

That's what I thought, but apparently he climbed down into this section. The other reports were false.

Martyn B

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The original post in here mentions eyewitness' saw he wade through the water surrounding the tunnel. Is it even possible to venture through the whole tunnel and come out there?