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Mako train length


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Since Mako has just opened to the public, I wanted to ask why there are just 7 rows on Mako while most of the other B&M coasters have 8 or 9 rows?

I mean, a park like SeaWorld is busy enough to operate B&M 3-train coasters at their max (proven with Manta and Kraken). Why did they go for shorter trains for Mako?

Pink Cadillac

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They could have wanted to have big, visible hills for everyone to see, which mean they would have been quite sharp hills and they suit shorter trains. On the media day, they were talking about the trains having airtime throughout the train and not just in certain seats (i.e. the back - which is more prevalent on coasters with longer trains). I'm not sure I totally buy that as the speed of taking an airtime hill and the tightness of the arc of the hill also could be tweaked to do just that (unless my first sentence was right)