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Ok so I run a small cosmetics business (family run) and I'm just eager to see what any of the women wear (brands etc) on here?

Also I've just started a twitter and would love for you guys to follow
I've just recently taken a liking to Revlon's Colourstay Whipped. It is the foundation solution I have been looking for <3 It's not too liquidy, doesn't leave obvious lines all around your face, and it's also not too pasty. NYC, which is a fab and cheap Walmart brand, also has a decent line of foundations, which is shocking because they are like, $5 a piece.

I'm impartial to eye shadow, as long as it doesn't flake as you're putting it on. I usually use Maybelline eye shadow in the dark grey and white colours.

As far as eye liner, I like liquid eye liner, but brand doesn't matter to me. Mascara and lip gloss likewise. I just pick up whatever I like at the moment, which is usually the cheap stuff.


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I tried MAC cosmetics this Halloween for a piss poor attempt at Dr. Frankenfurter.

Very pleased with it all except the price, but whatevs.


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You went for MAC for halloween? #toomuchmoney lol

Although I have heard the foundation can be a bit thick.

My girlfriend currently uses bare minerals foundation.

Also Lancome Mascara is pretty good!

Unfortunately I don't sell these lol and can't even get them at wholesale


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Yep. Thought process behind the decision was entirely consumer driven too lol.

RuPaul backs this for his show, so it HAS to be good.


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Men wear makeup too!

I'm a MAC obsessed weirdo. Switched from using studio fix fluid foundation to face & body recently, which is a lot more suited for my skin type and more natural looking (being a boy that's better).

For bronzer my staple has and I think always will be Hula by Benefit. My favourite finishing powder has to be cornsilk, which is sold in boots.

For blusher I'm using one by Clinique at the minute, which is alright, but nothing to write home about.


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I'm very fond of Bareminerals and Idun minerals - as little additives as possible, free from parabens and sulfates are a must - as studies have suggested the mentioned substances may contribute to different forms of cancers.