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Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021


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It looks like when you see the Raptors testing, except the video is being played at normal speed. :D


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I like it.
The flow, the pace, the layout. And from what I can see, the speed is nice. I think it is a little short.
I do prefer this over the RMC. From what I see. Make a version with longer track layout and it is golden.


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heh, I forgot how short the section was between the first and second launch on this thing.

Looks good though; great use of space and some nice transitions.


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It's almost like its multi launch by necessity since there's not enough space for one long one so they just put a turn in the middle.

Also, weird how the brake run is tyre drives. Will it work with regenerative braking into the motors?