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Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021


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Still no sign of the Hot Racer as of yet.
Lipman announced on their website that there will be two phases of construction. First one for 8 rides, which will be finished for june. The second is the construction of Big Dipper, and will be finished for the end of december.



CF Legend
To add to my previous post, here is a video construction update by CoasterLife which shows nice bright-orange Gerstlauer track pieces on-site, and a general overview of the progress:-

A few of the other rides appear to be assembled or on-site also. No sign of the Z-Discovery yet, however. And as @richardcrete points out about Big Dipper opening last, I don't imagine we will see any Hot Racer track on-site anytime soon.


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I really like the colour schemes of the rides, especially the Discovery. That transition from black to turquoise is gorgeous.


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POV for the boomerang and some of the the single rail track is now on site.





Source : https://www.parkz.com.au/forums/topic/9189-luna-park-9-new-rides-construction/?&page=8#comments