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LoG 2019: November Submissions


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Please use this topic to submit your points of the month of November. This topic will be closed on the 1st January 2019. Please use the template provided below.

Totals will be added at the end of each post by the team.

If you have not already registered, please do so in the League of Goons 2019: Registration topic.
If you have any questions, please post these in the League of Goons 2019: Q&A topic

- - - - - -
Date = 12th November 2019
Park = Six Flags Great Adventure - NOTE: Please use exact name as it appears on RCDB.

Nitro x1 (x1 front row)
Superman - Ultimate Flight x2 (x1 back row)
Kingda Ka x2 (x1 back row, worlds tallest)

Water rides
Congo Rapids x1

Dark / flat rides
Deja Vu x2
El Diablo x1

Other attractions
Great American Road Race x1

Six Flags Dance Party

Link to on ride and character photos

CoasterForce Points
Link to photo trip report and/or CF Live name.

- - - - - -
Point allocations in red-bold are added post-submission by the team, once they've been added to your post the points have officially been added to your Goon total. Please don't add them yourself otherwise you may miss out on valuable points!


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- - - - - -
Date = 3rd November 2019
Park = Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Avalanche x1 (x1 back row)
Nickelodeon Streak x1 (x1 back row)
Blue Flyer x1
Revolution x1 (x1 front row)
Steeplechase x1
Icon x8 (x5 back row)
Big Dipper x1

Dark / flat rides
Wallace x1
Alice x1
Ghost Train x1
River Caves x1
Impossible x1
Valhalla x2

- - - - - -

Points added = 120
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