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List of coasters with implemented Onride-Videos


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Hello dear Coasterforce-community,

currently I am pursuing a project for which I have a specific question. Perhaps the question is also in the general interest.

I recently rode a roller coaster with onride video implemented, which could be purchased just like an onride photo. (Raptor in Gardaland, Italy.) I would be extremely happy if you could help me compile a list of roller coasters that have implemented onride videos to purchase. (In my case, the specific interest relates to European parks)

My own project is about poetry I want to read on roller coasters. A little strange. But I will be very happy to post it once I have completed it. :)

Many Thanks!


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I'm pretty sure Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit had onride video at one point. Not sure if it still does though. I can't remember if it was still available on my last trip to Orlando.
Off the top of my head there is Shambhala, Furius Baco and Red Force at Portaventura.

If rides that used to have video count then there was Kumali at Flamingoland, it had on board cameras for a few years but they never worked particularly well.


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The ones I recall seeing have been blue fire Megacoaster at Europa Park, and Fury at Bobbejaanland. Was tempted to buy one from the latter, but the camera quality looked pretty spotty.


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Saw and Swarm had it at Thorpe Park, but both gone now I believe.
Hurricane - Screw and Loop coaster at Himeji Park had some dodgy looking rider cams mounted for the front row, though no idea if it was for public use.
I'm sure more will come to me.


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Raptor | Gardaland
Shambala | Port Aventura
Furius Baco | Port Aventura
Red Force | Ferrari Land
Blue Fire | Europa Park
Matterhorn Blitz | Europa Park
Fury | Bobbejaanland
Saw | Thorpe Park
Swarm | Thorpe Park

Kumali | Flamingo Land
Euro Mir | Europa Park

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit | Universal Studios

DC Rivals | Warner Bros.

Hurricane | Himeji Central Park

I am happy about additions!


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Taiga at Linnanmäki also has Onboard Cams. Really good quality in my opinion, the only time I have bought a Onride-video / photo in years.

iSpeed has them as well but the quality isn’t the best.