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Liseberg Live - 18th Sept - Trip Reports


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This trip was awesome!
Sooo many totally random and hilarious moments (well, isn't that a given when people like Richard and Neal attend a Live?), a great group of people, and great rides (well, Lisebergbanana and Balder were great, anyway)!

Great to meet up with everyone who I've never properly met before (Tommi, Peter, Brad, Neal...etc), and to actually speak to people who I've never really spoken to before, as well as seeing all the people who I haven't seen in a while, as well! This really was a good group of people, and the perfect number of people for a CF-Live!

So, thanks everybody, and see you all again soon hopefully! :)


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Yeah - it was a fun trip - the strars were definitely balder and banan, kanonen was torture though.. a few nice flat rides too (uppswinget and the two s n s towers - and very limited quantitiies of juke box!)

Gothenbourg is a great looking city - and I'd certainly like to go back for a longer visit sometime, I think you could spend a week exploring that shopping centre!


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The day was awesome =] only just got back as half of us went to Stockholm too, that will be in trip reports. I think I will have a bacon roll from the menu please...


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Seeing as I owe Mysterious Sue a trip report for Pleasure Island but beyond “epic golf” and “**** castle of WHYYYYY?” I really can’t be bothered! So have this one instead…

Got woken up at quarter past 4 by ‘Ian from CoasterForce’ and as such made my way to the car parked outside my front door before setting off to Gatport Airwick constantly praying that the car would make it at least to the car park. After which, it didn’t really matter!

Checked in, got some breakfast from Boots and then set-up-shop outside the Raybould Stand where the SINGLE BIGGEST MINCER IN THE WORLD was working a shift! After 20 or so minutes of comical brummie accents attempting to imitate the levels of excitement that we believed Rach (her first ever flight) would be emitting. Shockingly, when she did appear together with Mysterious Sue, Rach was very subdued (clearly planes are not as exciting as ferries!).

More mincers arrived just in time, probably because AJ was spazzing about his hair so we were ready for the plane of orange to take us to Sweden!!!


The Maddie/Stem-Cell Seat!!!

When we got to the airport I got a bit-too excited over the Volvo paraphernalia all over the place so a toilet stop was had – upon my return ‘Volvo Museum’ brochures were being thrust at me from every direction (did they not realise we needed to go to Liseberg relatively urgently? Because they weren’t helping)!

Soon it became apparent that there were just too many Volvos around to go to the toilet every time (plus I’d run out of boxers by this point), so we had a CF-Takeover of an 8 seater taxi which cost us about £7 each to get to the park – JOY!.

It was good to see that the Swedes had made a nice red arrow to hoist above the meet-up point as per the picture and some mild faff ensued (which was to be expected) before we entered the park for free! LESSTHANTHREE ECC cards! <3

Good effort, but there was quite clearly TWO arrows in the picture provided!

Nice touch!


Lisebergbanan first, good ride (got better as the day went on), comfy seats, great interaction with its beautiful surroundings! And not forgetting………


Wandering round the park again showed why Europe is better than the UK by miles. It was very Blackpool, but because the management actually care about keeping up appearances and what people think about their park – it looked tidy, presentable and clean.

Balder (Ian: The Ride) was up next. I was less than impressed with it, the odd bit of floater here and there and it had AWFUL pacing issues. If you’re going to give me corners, can I at least have some speed with them too please? Falken’s helix of WHYYYYYY is more than enough for this world without your overbanks of SIGH thank-you very much! Again, hopefully all would be well in the evening!

The less said about Kanonenenenenenenenenenenenenen and its ludicrous name the better I think!

The handlebar moustache really should have been a sign as to how awful it is…

Launch into Broms? Did I hear someone say “sigh”?!

It just wasn’t meant to be, despite Ian’s best efforts to contact the high and mighty!

Station stank of ****, coaster rode like ****. Simples. It’s also a lawsuit waiting to happen with those seats – terrifying!

The rapids on the other hand got a seal of approval from my good self – with the “Rapids Laugh” returning with great aplomb much to the delight of Will, John and Richard! It would also, remarkably, make an appearance on the “log-flume of indeterminable freakish lift-hill accidents” just because it was amazing, scary, spiteful and bloody wet all at the same time!

Lunch was underwhelming. Swedes, despite being a more than acceptable Sunday Roast accompaniment themselves, really don’t know how to cook a pizza – SCANDAL! (Although admittedly, not nearly as scandalous as the exclusion of the “Meatball Mariana” from their Subway menus!!! Seriously, what ARE they playing at?)

Next up was Rayboulder and the TREE OF SILENCE <3. Cue random kiddy-coaster and CF-Surrealism…


Group photo with the TREE OF SILENCE!!!

Some say I love it too much. I’d say, not enough!

Next was “Rush on a Hill” – not bad, really pitiful cycle though. 2 swings at the top – even on packed days Thorpe manage more than that. MAKE AN EFFORT SWEDEN!!!

Aforementioned Log-Flume of JOY was had, the gays drowned even before we left the station! *innocently whistles*

A plethora of rides happened in an order that I honestly can’t remember. Garlic Clove Ride of Breeding Bunnies, Shot Tower of Exquisite Views, Balder Revisited (still meh at this point) and Dodgems of Bum Bandit Bashing, amongst others!

Had started to get dark now and things got better; Lisebergbanan, Balder, (and inexplicably) KANONEN got good! I actually don’t know how this happened. Perhaps God was asleep earlier and had just gotten Ian’s prayers from earlier? I don’t know! But it was pretty fab!

Sing-a-long in the Balder queue. Jukebox had fan favourites such as 'Spice Up Your Life', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and new entry 'Soggy Sue' (to the tune of Oggy Oggy Oggy, Oi Oi Oi) :p





Whoring of Balder then happened before a mass PANIC by Stone Cold and myself as we RAN into the Lisebergbanan queueline before the gormless Swede closed it!

Here endeth the Live portion of events – coming soon to a Trip Report Topic near you….. the night’s activities and the artwork and revolving doors of Sunday!

Pictures courtesy of AJ, Mushroom, Rach and Sue Shaw
I quite enjoyedeth that trip reporteth! Seems like everyone had a grand ol' time and enjoyed the coasters and whatnot. Jealous about you guys getting to ride Balder/Lisebergbanen/Insane.. But oh well :p .


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One of my favourite CF-Lives ever!

Things that made me LOL:
Broms – There are signs at the end of Lisebergbananana that display “Broms!” We soon discovered that this meant “brakes”. The brakes were pretty vicious but will forever be known as “broms”.

The ride itself was pretty good. It is fairly repetitive but I love the way it’s built on the side of the hill and offers a decent set of speed. Best ride I had was in the front, with two glorious burst of airtime. I enjoyed it.

Bareback – In slang terms, “bare” means “very”. I giggled like a girl when people declared they wanted to ride Balder “bareback”, meaning at the very back. So childish, I loved it!

Balder itself was excellent. I can only compare it to a heart monitor screen – straight line, blip, straight line, blip…the sort of thing you’d see on Holby City. The blips even get quicker as the ride ends. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and would happily base any revisit to Liseberg on it alone.

Tree of Silence – The lonely tree in the middle of Rayboulder’s queue line. I asked Neal why it was called the tree of silence, he replied “have you heard it?” Good point. It was decided that our group photo would have to be taken with the Tree of Silence. We piled in the queue line, climbed over fences and posed. Others in the queue looked at us like strangely, even the ride op asked if we were “stuck in the queue”! (Thanks to Marcus for the translation!)

Rayboulder itself was pretty meh, although caffeine_deamon did say it made his balls ache. Nice.

A pen is a lose article – There’s a safety video in the queue for Balder. During the video, a young woman is shown to be gently and over-caringly placing a pen in the storage lockers. A pen FFS! Then it showed she had zip up pockets anyway! During my hundreds of theme park visits, I have never seen anybody place an item as ridiculous as a pen in the station lockers…especially in such a careful manner! It was ridiculous but never failed to make me grin.

Rush on a Hill – I admit that I didn’t bother to find out it’s proper name, but **** me, what a rush! (Boom, boom!) Placing this ride over a hill really adds to the thrill. I’ve always enjoyed Rush at Thorpe, but looking down a few hundred foot (probably) was amazing.

Why, Willy, WHY? – I set Will a challenge not to say the word “why” for a whole hour. He lasted 18 mins 30 secs. :fp1

Slot Machine – Raybould was crouching/laying on the floor trying to get a good shot of the shot tower. As he did so, his bum crack was exposed to all of Sweden and those in the International Space Station. I couldn’t resist dropping a 1 kronor coin between his cheeks. He managed to shake it out through his trousers where it remained on the floor. Rach come off the shot tower and picked it up…

Spinney Garlic Ride – The slowpids, such named because they looked like garlic cloves. The queue line was spent throwing berries at one another, putting them in each others hoods and developing a Mysterious Sue song to the sound of Cotton Eye Joe.

“Night riding is so much better” – Two things an enthusiast will always say are “rides are better in the dark” and “it’ll warm up later on”. Why? “It’s such a different experience.” Gavin and I observed this and listened out for people ready to say those immortal lines. As night fell, we did indeed hear those phrases. Tbh, I don’t really see the big draw of night riding, but I guess it does offer a different experience and rides are warmer later in the day…

Things that made me D’oh:
Kananonnonnnnnn – As Will would say, “WHY?” The ride is terrible. A lacklustre launch into brakes before travelling through some dull and painful inversions. I really enjoy launch coasters, but this one was terrible. It’s no wonder there was a small of dog **** in the station.

Pizza buffet – I was torn between lunch ideas, but I opted for the pizza in the end. The base was really dry and the toppings were foul. Why not just stick out the classic toppings and be done with it? Really disappointed with the pizza buffet but it filled a hole.

Queue line singing – I don’t like it, it makes me cringe but I’ll never ask people to stop. I like to see people enjoying themselves, even if I don’t see the appeal!

I really enjoyed Liseberg and would recommend it to everybody. There was enough to keep me entertained for nine hours. We had a superb group of people attend which made it all the better. Thanks to loefet and lond for being our guides, the nuggets of information really helped (and thx for the language advice and lols!). Thanks to man-flu_gavin for the organisation and everybody else for the happy memories.

Of course, in true CF-Live fashion, the fun and faff didn’t end when we left the park. I now have a new appreciation for sculptures, revolving doors and airport time-killing games…*climbs on a statue, does Ferrero Rocher actions and says Harriet Harman endlessly* :D

Hahahaha, what an AMAZING weekend! Tack!


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I'd also like to add thanks on Nathan's behalf. He had a brilliant time and laughed about it endlessly on the drive home.

He did ask me for some people's full names so he could add them on Facebook (mainly for the photos), which I have done, so if you get a friend request from Nathan Falla, that's him. Obviously you can ignore it/decline if you want, doesn't bother me one way or another!

Hahahaha, just remembered the mass sweet buying in Balder's queue line.


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Awesome weekend, and like Ian, one of the best Lives I've been to.

Firstly, I'd like to say a massive thanks to Ian, Nath, Sue, Neal, Ed and AJ (and Mike :?) for making my first flight one I'm never going to forget, fantastic group of people to travel with! Also thanks for putting up with the over excitedness when we actually got on the plane! :D


Also thanks to Gavin for organising as best as physically possible. And to Loefet and Lond for being fantastic guides and translators! Muchly appreciated.

Liseberg was a lovely park, made considerably better with the awesome group of people that was there. Nice atmosphere, good rides, acceptable queues and not that expensive either!

Lisebergbanana took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting much, but it certainly delivered! Fantastic little ride with great moments and a really good queue mover. Even the slightly evil broms were good.


Balder just blew me away, drop was fantastic and the airtime was fabulous. Even on the first ride, I thought it was great and it just got better as the day progressed.


Kanonenenenenen looked like it had potential, but was full of WHY! The launch looked good from the station, but when on it, just why? Launch then broms! Inversions weren't too bad and the one transition was good. Happily, it did improve.


Uppswinget (or rush on a hill) was good, but not fantastic. The view on both sides was awesome. 1 side - the park and the other side a sheer look down. Swing wise, it's no better and no worse than Rush.


The two water rides (the rapids and log flume) were a good laugh.
The rapids were long, enjoyable and mildly moist, but a good ride regardless.
The log flume just flew around the track, it was actually one of the quickest I've been on. Drops were good and again only mildly moist.

Fantastic trip - thanks everyone that went! :D

More photos here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=8 ... 852f7d955f


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Rayboulder itself was pretty meh, although caffeine_deamon did say it made his balls ache. Nice

it was that big sharks finn type thing on the seat between your legs that did that - good job they didn;tm have one on balder!!


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^ Did you manage to change your dodgy Kronor?

Btw, obviously there are photos kicking about on Facebook. As I don't do Facebook, please could you at least link them here...although a lovely trip report would be better :p Thanks.