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Liseberg in a day


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Last weekend me and Jared done a rather mad and spontaneous trip to Liseberg and back in a day. We booked the flights just 2 weeks before we went so it never really sank in that we were actually going! We were both strapped for cash, so it was agreed to do it in a day knowing from last year just how easy it is to get to the park from the airport and back again.

After getting up at 4:30, we were at the airport for 6 and on the plane by 7:20 after a quick breakfast stop at Heathrow. We were the first on the plane and the flight was pratically empty. We landed bang on time at Landvetter and soon were in the queue for the bus.
The airport bus stops right outside the park, so it is ideal to do in a day. We arrived at the park just after 11 and coughed up the 400KR for admission and a wristband!

It was very muggy when we arrived and it had been raining, but at that point it wasn't raining at all. First ride of the day and the main reason we decided to travel over would have to be Balder. I was really looking forward to getting back on the thing, but was sadly disappointed. We did ride front row first purely for the view.
It was no where near as good as what I remembered it being last year. It was still a good ride but I think I've been spoiled a bit this year with other coasters. From that first ride (we rode it 3 times) it instantly dropped to #3 in my top 10.


By now, it had started to rain! But we were on a credit run first, so next stop was Kanonen. It had a reasonable 20ish minute queue in the cattle pen of urgh. Last year, I really didn't like it. It was painful, slow and the brakes on the launch ruined it instantly for me.
However, this year, it had gone up in my estimations, yes it was still slow but even with the rain it wasn't painful and there was no feel of them brakes on the launch at all! I've grown to like hangtime over the last year, so did actually enjoy it this time round.


Next up was Lisebergbanan! I remember it being awesome last year and this year it was running phenomenally well. So well in fact, it pushed Balder out of #3 and down to #4. The rain made the thing fly around that track. They were running 5 trains and the queue never stopped moving. Lisbergbanan is everything you want a coaster to be and more! Really enjoyed it!


We stopped for some overpriced food next and started to relax a bit now that 3 out the 4 creds were done. The rain was coming down thick and fast and we were pretty bloody soaked. Kudos to Liseberg, I love the fact that they were wiping down the seats and the tables with window wipers so that you could actually sit down! Nice one!

Food consumed, time for Rabalder. It had an annoying slow moving queue. Ride was as bad as I remember. Full of Zierer shuffleyness and the bucket of pissing water that should stop when the train enters the sensor didn't and ended up wetting us even further. :x



Next we done the new ride for the year. AtmosFear. I love my drop towers, but this wasn't very good at all. Yes, it's tall and it doesn't half give some great views, but it brakes far too quickly. The height factor is sure there, but nothing else is. Plus the throughput on the day was horrific. By the time we left, it had a good hour queue...

I think we done the Log Flume next. Already wet, we didn't think we could get any wetter. Bad news, we did. It was very rapid last year flying around the course and I forgot about the awesome drops. One side of me got absolutely soaked. Not impressed. I don't remember it being too wet last year.

Decided to re-ride Lisebergbanan as it had now stopped raining. Annoyingly, it started again just as we got on and this time the rain was like needles hitting your face. It was bloody awful and you couldn't see a thing, especially at the front. I forgot about the dreaded broms at one point and slammed right into them. Owwie. Still, the best coaster there without a shadow of a doubt.

Back to Balder now. Supporting a delicious queue of 40 mins. Most of the park seemed to be hiding there as most of the queue is undercover.
This ride was brutal! Rode it back row and the heavens well and truly **** opened just before we got on. Every inch of us was soaked through to skin, it wasn't pleasant at all. The rain was again like a thousand and one tiny needles!
A great ride in the back, but it would have been so much better if we could actually see anything!



We didn't have much time left. We wandered around for a bit, then decided to do the rapids. These were well and truly awful. The were barely 'rapid' but there was a lot of spinning action happening.

Our 6 hours at the park was coming to an end, so we rode Balder once more and again in the back row. The rain had died down by now and you could actually see on the ride. Was a lot more enjoyable this time round and plenty of airtime was had.
It would have been nice to have rode it where we could see all the way round and not drowned rats like we were all day.



We called it a day there and headed back to the airport. We'd had just over 6 hours in the park. I did have a really good day over there and it was worth it doing it in a day. The rain was just an epic pain and the two of us were just soaked through to the skin by the time we left.


We got back to Heathrow at 9 that night after a well and truly wet and very long day at the park.

We did buy an ORP from the 2nd ride on Balder when the heavens well and truly pissed on us! You can tell just how wet we actually are! Despite the rain, we're still smiling - just!



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Excellent report, Rach! Liseberg looks like a really good park. Can I ask how much it cost to visit? (Flights etc)?


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The whole thing including food, drink, transport and park entry came in at under £200.

The flights were £130 return with BA - which considering we booked 2 weeks before we went was a good price.
Park entry was £40ish
And then another £20ish for food, drink and transport to and from the airport.


Shame about the weather. Hope you had a good time anyway. I completely agree what you say about Lisebergbanan, it's a really ace coaster, Balder seemed to suffer from the bad weather, it never really rides as good when it's cold and rainy...

That ORP, really reminds me about my first go on Goliath WW, pissing rain, front row, only our crotches were dry after we got of...


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Rach which airport do you fly to, and is it just a shuttle bus type thing that gets you there? Thinking of doing Liseberg after Ghosterforce ;]

edit: gash, just realised it's not open hahah XD


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Great report Rach. I loved Liseberg and it's one of those parks that has a "pull" trying to drag me back there.

I think Lisebergebanana is still kicking around close to my top ten somewhere, it's certainly in my top ten steel and I think one of the most overlooked "solid fun" coasters in the world. Those brakes though :lol: