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Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster


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Pacing is on point which is a rarity these days, this should be pretty epic. Loving the look of the stall and Taron type turns downward.


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Queue line taking shape:



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Petsku did you notice anything double confirming the opening date as 18th? I have the message from the park themselves but want to be double sure as going to book flights.
Yes, it is confirmed. At the entrance to Taiga they have a small sign that says that you can jump on Taiga's wings on 18.6, and outside the park they have a large poster advertising it, aswell as stating that it will open then.

Nicky Borrill

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Yes, it is confirmed. At the entrance to Taiga they have a small sign that says that you can jump on Taiga's wings on 18.6, and outside the park they have a large poster advertising it, aswell as stating that it will open then.
Thank you... Can’t wait this is going to be a beast, I can feel it!

Is the 18th to the 21st any kind of Holiday in Finland? Schools out or anything?


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Well, on Saturday it is midsummer, which is a national holiday. Some people may start their summer vacation earlier, but usually people start it on Thurs/Friday. Schools end next week here, so I fully expect the park to be filled with 8-13 year olds on Taiga's opening day the 18th.

However, Linnanmäki usually gets an hours line at peak capacity, but that could be different since Taiga is one of a kind.

I myself am going to start queing outside the park a couple of hours before it opens, to beat the lines.

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This Midsummer day will be intresting at Linnamäki. If you are affraid to queue (What has been said to be a good experience by que visuals and effects) you can always buy a wristband and booklet of extra ride tickets to join the fast pass lane (Yeahh, we finally got it!)

But all in Taiga's construction site looks good, testing is going good and more and more themening is on the site.


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Hi everyone! I was today at the park, and by chance I met Pia Advilankin, the CEO of Linnanmäki, and Anssi Tamminen, cheif technician. I got to ask them some questions regarding Taiga! I will just write here short answers, but feel free to ask if anything is unclear. (Pictured Pia on left and Anssi on right)

-They have been on all of the Intamin blitz coasters in Europe and US, taking inspiration from them
-They had a list of elements they wanted to be included in the layout, which they then sent to Intamin who made it into reality.
-They REALLY wanted a top-hat
-They confirmed that Taiga is basically the lovechild of Taron, Helix and Maverick
-Intamin gave them two options for a layout, but the team at Linnanmäki chose the best of both options to make a third, more perfect layout (what we now have)
-Anssi indirectly said that Mack had made a layout for them (probably because they liked Helix)
-Pia said that one reason why they didn't go with the leaked S&S layout was because it was too similar to Ukko (the maurer skyloop II in the park)(It would of have gone back and forth). Anssi added that the difficulties with Galefore was another reason why they didn't choose S&S.
-The Maurer Spike Coaster idea was also rejected, since they wanted something more intense and modern
-The two went on Taiga on Friday, and they said that it is perfect (they added however that the two are biased in that opinion).
-The twisty turns after the immelmann were inspired by Cheetah Hunt at BGT

Here's some pictures from the site. As you can see, they are adding trees, dirt and rocks as themeing. I even saw them sawing cut-outs shaped like trees, so some near-miss elements or handchoppers will be trees.

the tree-cut outs


from the que-line of tulireki. On top of tulireki I saw even more dirt and trees, but coudn't get a picture since you can't video on a ride.
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How lucky! I'm dying to hear more Taiga information now that the opening date is getting closer! this will definitely keep me content for a while. Thanks, PetskuC!


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Great info and pictures! Have you noticed that there's a large window in station wall towards Taigas track and valley? I really hope that it is for customers to watch and take photos of this masterpiece


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How many trains will it run? I hope for three but I expect two. Gotta love those throughputs.

- Awaits Lofty's response.

So far only 2 trains (both having 16 seats) has been seen on the site and I really doubt that there will be more. I think 2 train is reasonable for Linnanmäki's visitor count though of course, it would be awesome to have more.