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Linnanmäki | Taiga | Intamin LSM Launch Coaster


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Yeah it's a short train because it's a right hassle pulling a full train though when it isn't at all required.

On train designs like this you can check clearance envelopes and track alignment with only one car, but the second one is used to check turning radii and things like that (although I've always assumed they know that sort of thing anyway).


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Here's a closeup of the train! It looks absolutely gorgeous :emoji_heart_eyes:.
Thanks to Jussunen at Huvipuistofoorumi for this awesome picture!


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Just little ''heads up'': Linnanmäki is having a press conference on this Wednesday. It's safe to assume that we will get more information about Taiga :D! It's about time really as the season starts on Friday.


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Looks like an opening date of June 18th at the end. Don't think we've seen that confirmed anywhere before.
Nope, they have said midsummer earlier (which is 22.6). I think this is a better day, so the coaster gets a softer launch

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Park said that testing starts today as the season starts also. Let see if we see some train rolling on the first launch for example later this weekend. Construction was active in saturdays so i expect to be with the testing also.