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Leviathian VS Millennium Force

Leviathian VS Millennium Force

  • Leviathian @ Canada's Wonderland

    Votes: 14 73.7%
  • Millennium Force @ Cedar Point

    Votes: 5 26.3%

  • Total voters


Roller Poster
Which is the best, please share your opinion on, which you think is best and why. I love Millennium Force but Levethian looks even better so my votes going to Levethian. These are both Cedar Fair Roller Coasters but I can see that there will be a great rivalry for many years to come.


Giga Poster
Wish I ridden both but from how disappointing my rides were on Millennium Force I really hope Leviathan is somewhat better.


Strata Poster
They both look similiar, so I'll have to ride them to judge (that could happen as soon as next year)


Staff member
Social Media Team
I actually liked MF a lot more than I was expecting to. Having said that, I still prefer B&M Hypers, so even though I haven't ridden it, I'd have to vote Leviathan on this one.