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League of Goons 2023: The Rules

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Welcome to the League of Goons, a competition between the members of CoasterForce to see who will become Chief Goon. The game is simple, visit a park and earn points!

Please read everything thoroughly, any questions can be asked in the League of Goons 2023: Q&A. It looks very complicated, but a lot of this text is for the sake of transparency. If you take a look at the sample form below, you'll see that your work is easy, the rest is done by me!

The key bits of information are between these two lines of blue text. Read only this bit if you don't care about the rest!

How to enter and play
To become eligible you must show your interest and state your home City/Country (or State) in the League of Goons 2023: Registration.

Once registered, enter your submission in the month topic that your trip falls into, using the template provided below this post, or in the first post of each month's topic. For example, a trip in May would need to be posted in the May topic.

What you could win
Bragging rights! What more could you want, eh?

Extra information on how the points are scored, and the rules around what you can claim for, are shown below. You can stop reading now if you're not interested (although you should be!).

There have currently been no changes from 2022. The points for this year are as follows:

Per park visits = Visits 1-10*: 20 points, visits 11-20*: 15 points, visits 21+*: 10 points
Distance points = 1 point for every 200km from home, 1 point for every 100km from the last park you visited (both based on the great circle distance between your home city and the park you've visited).
Waterparks = If a waterpark has a coaster (e.g. Yas Waterworld) then it can be treated as a park (i.e. you'll get park visit points). Otherwise, there will be no "entry points" to waterparks.
Funfairs/etc = You will not get visit points for non-permanent parks.

*To the same park

Roller Coasters = 5 points per cycle (+ 1 point per front/back row, +1 point per solo ride, +1 point for first/last train of the day, +1 point if it’s a new cred for you)
Water / Dark / Flat Rides = 3 points
Other Attractions = 2 points
Shows/Parades = 2 points

New for 2023 = 10 points (max of 5 per park per day)
ORPs/Videos/proof of solo ride/Character = 5 points (max of 5 per park per day)

CoasterForce Points
25 points for attending each day of a CF Live
15 points for visiting on the park’s official first or last day of the season (where applicable, no points for year-round parks)
25 points for writing a trip report with pictures

Record Points
You can claim bonus points for riding the tallest, fastest and longest coasters on each continent, and in the world. Please make it explicit in your submission if you are claiming these points.

All data is based on currently operating coasters - according to www.rcdb.com.
The top three steel and top three wood coasters in the world for each category have been allocated 20, 18 and 16 points, respectively.
The top coaster (combined steel and wood) on each continent for each category has been allocated 10 points.
You will earn the highest point available for each coaster.

For example
  • Riding Formula Rossa will earn you a bonus 20 points [fastest in the world]
  • Riding Top Thrill Dragster will earn you a bonus 18 points [second tallest in the world]
  • Riding Red Force will earn you a bonus 10 points [fastest/tallest in Europe]

Bonus Cred Points
If you ride any one of CoasterForce's Top 10 coasters (link and list will be updated once the results are released) then you'll get 15 bonus points!

  • Submissions must use the template provided at the start of each submission topic.
  • Park submission topics will only be open for two months. For example, the May topic would be closed on the 1st July, May submissions will no longer be excepted past this point. This includes any unfinished trip reports, unsubmitted ORPs, etc.
  • Submissions should not be edited once submitted so please make sure that submissions are correct before hitting that submit button.
  • More than one post for one visit would be seen as spam (as in, keep posting regarding something you forgot to add to the original post) - photos, videos and trip report links are an exception to this rule.
  • Once your points have been added to the League, you post will be edited to confirm this.
  • Needs to be an amusement or theme park listed on www.rcdb.com, or recognised by the CoasterForce team. Please ensure you use the exact name of the park as it appears on RCDB. If the park is not listed on RCDB (say, for the Winter Wonderland events), then please only use the official name.
  • Attractions like (and not limited to) Madame Tussauds, Dungeon and Eye do not count, however established fairgrounds (for example, State Fairs, Octoberfest, Winter Wonderland) do count. You will not get park visit points for fairgrounds.
  • Points can only be redeemed once a day for each park visited (so for example, leaving Magic Kingdom to go to Epcot to then go back to Magic Kingdom would gain you two sets of Park visit points for that day, not three).
  • At least one attraction needs to be experienced for a visit to count.
  • Stand alone water parks without at least one roller coaster = No points are available.
  • Stand alone water parks with at least one roller coaster = Treat as a normal park, but points can only be claimed relating to the coaster (number of rides, front/back row, solo, first/last). No points will be allowed for other attractions within the waterpark.
  • Water parks included within a STANDARD theme park admission ticket (in other words, if the park makes any distinction between tickets for the theme park and tickets for the water park, then it does not count) = Points can be claimed for each of the slides under the "Other Attractions" category. No additional entry points will be given.
  • If a ride comes under several categories select the one which counts for the highest amount of points.
  • Attractions have to be listed on the official park website or on the park map for it to count.
  • Some listed attractions do not count. This includes but is not limited to; play areas (climbing frames, bouncy bridges), pay for game stalls (including panning for Gold) and zoos.
  • Walkthrough attractions must have an official entrance/exit to count. Some animal walkthroughs count due to this rule.
  • Coaster points are calculated per ride cycle, not lap. Eg, 1 ride on Flying Fish where it completes 4 laps of the track only counts as 1 cycle.
  • Water rides can only be classed as rides where you’re on some form of transportation that sits on water. A spray of water on any ride does not class it as a water ride.
  • New for 2023 points can only be awarded if the park is advertising the attraction/show as such either in park, on the map or on their website.
  • Roller coaster front and back row points only count if the coaster train/car has 4 or more rows.
  • Roller coaster solo points only count if the coaster train/car seats 4 or more people.
  • Roller coaster first and last ride of the day points count only for public operations. Private ERT (like that offered on a CF Live) does not count for either.
  • Roller coaster ‘new cred’ points can only be claimed once on the first ride – obviously. This is based on trust, so please be honest!
  • Alpine coasters are now available for "roller coaster" points. If the alpine coaster is not part of a park you will not gain visit points.
  • Water slides included as part of a standard entrance ticket can be listed under the "Other Attractions" section, and will earn two points each.
  • On ride photos (ORPs) and on ride videos (ORVs) must be purchased at the park to count. Photos and videos taken of the screens at the ride exit do not count.
  • ORVs only count if they're professionally recorded videos, purchased from the park.
  • Proof of solo ride points can be earned for any photograph of you riding in an empty train - this does not have to be an official ORP.
  • If your proof of solo ride is an official ORP, then you will get two sets of points.
  • During Halloween events, formal "Scare Zones" cannot be counted individually - they are no different to themed areas of the park. That said, to acknowledge passing through them, you can claim one "scare zones" item under the Other section. This will award you two points per park per visit.
  • Opening/Closing day points can only be claimed for parks which operate seasonally. Year round parks are not eligible for these points.
  • Trip reports need at least 5 photos per day of the trip to count.
  • Only one trip report can be submitted per day, not per park.
  • Trip report points will only be awarded if the CoasterForce team deem it a worthy entry.
Record Points
  • You can only claim record points once per coaster (for example, riding Kingda Ka three times during your visit will only give you the bonus points once).
  • If a new coaster opens in the middle of the season, point collection going forward will reflect this. Previously earned points for previous record holders will not be affected.
Park employees
If you work at a theme park and still want to submit points you cannot gain entry points, however you can earn points for any attractions you experience during your working hours. To submit these points please mark the park as "work" rather than the park name.

Any questions will be answered either by PM or by using the Q&A topic. Rules may slightly be amended throughout the season. Classification of what counts for certain points is decided by the League of Goons team. Good luck![/COLOR]
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Below is the template that will be given at the start of each month's submissions topic, filled in in italics as a sample. Please ask any questions in the League of Goons 2023: Q&A topic, and don't forget you must register in the League of Goons 2023: Registration topic first.

For extra clarity in the scoring, I have added the points gained for each line in red.

Date = 12th April 2023
Park = Six Flags Great Adventure [+20 for visit, +27 for distance (5478km from Bristol, England), +54 for distance (5477km from Alton Towers - last park)]

Roller Coasters

Nitro x1 (x1 front row, x1 solo) [+5 +1 +1]
Superman - Ultimate Flight x2 (x1 back row, x1 last train of the day) [+10 +1 +1]
El Toro x1 (x1 back) [+5 +1 +15]
Kingda Ka x2 (x1 back row, worlds tallest, new cred) [+10 +1 +20 +1]
Jersey Devil Coaster x2 (new cred) [+10 +1]

Water / Dark / Flat Rides

Congo Rapids x1 [+3]
Deja Vu x2 [+6]
El Diablo x1 [+3]

Other Attractions

Great American Road Race x1 [+2]


Six Flags Dance Party [+2]


Link to on ride and character photos [+0]

CoasterForce Points

CF Live [+25]
Opening Day [+15]

Total Points = 240

Point allocations in bold including the total are added post-submission by the team, once they've been added to your post the points have officially been added to your Goon total. Please don't add them yourself otherwise you may miss out on valuable points!
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