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League of Goons 2023: Results


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Q1 results

Firstly, my apologies for the delay. Getting a big hammered in "life-outside-CF" at the moment!

Q1 is over (was over a while ago!), so let's see hwo things have shaped up so far!

We've had 23 members sign up so far. Of those 23 members, 16 of you have logged points this quarter. You've scored a total of 11240 points, visited a total of 95 parks and ridden 538 coasters.

Here are the tables, as it stands at the close of Q1:


Congratulations to @Thekingin64, @HeartlineCoaster and @Projektion for their podium positions this quarter!

Additionally, @Thekingin64 travelled the furthest this quarter - with a trip to Rainbow's End being a whopping 18210km from home! @Projektion submitted the biggest single park visit with 256 points logged at California's Great America!

Here's a world map, with all of the parks visited in Q1 shown.



See you in Q2!