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League of Goons 2020: Suggestion Box


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It's that time of year again - time to start thinking about things in 2020!

Firstly, an open question to the forum: Are we still interested in me running the League? There are a fair number of people signed up, but I don't know how much engagement there is. I won't be remotely offended if there's little desire for it to continue - all good things must come to an end, and all that.

Secondly, and assuming the League continues to run, are there any changes people would like to see? I have two on my mind currently, one that I think I'll definitely do, and another than I'm still working through the mechanics of.

  1. All dark/water/other rides will be lumped into one set, so there's less faff when submitting your points.
  2. Add into the distance calculator a factor based on the distance between the 'current' park and the 'last' park. This is to further reward the people who cover more ground to get to coasters.
Would like to hear your thoughts on the above, or anything else you may have come up with!


Firstly, an open question to the forum: Are we still interested in me running the League?
I think you do an amazing job with this so as long as you're happy running it, I'll continue to participate :)

In terms of ideas for next year, I think it would be good to try and put greater value on the coaster rides and try and reward people for being adventurous with their park trips so here are a few suggestions:

- Bonus points if it's a new cred for you. This would encourage people to visit new parks and reward those who do compared to those that just whore the creds at their local park :) You'd obviously only get them once so I think 5-10 points for each new credit would be fair.
- Bonus points for night rides. All creds are better at night!
- Some kind of points for the uniqueness of the coaster. So if it's a unique layout or rare model it gets bonus points compared to an SLC, Spinning Mouse or Wacky Worm.
- Expanding on the uniqueness idea, how about awarding extra points at the end of the season based on how many people have ridden a particular cred? For example you could give 10 points for each cred that has only been ridden by one person all season, 8 points per person if only 2 have ridden and so on, so that the more obscure ones are rewarded. I realise this will give @gavin hundreds of extra points but he probably deserves them for all the junk he rides :D


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Will give it some thought on suggestions!

For your purposes @Hixee - is there a better intake form we can use to alleviate your tabulation? Since we have native table support now within the forum, didn't know if that would help.

One thought I've always thought of as cool would be a "secret coaster" - randomly selected by @Hixee somewhere in the world, with a 10 or 20 point bonus attached. Could literally be a few randomly selected RCDB coasters.