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Launch or drop towers?

Which one's your favourite

  • Launched

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Drop

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I have now been on both and would have to say out of Apocalypse(DMP) and Spaceshot (Southport) I prefer a drop. My stomach doesn't like the direction change on a launch too much but I'd do them again.

Opinions and views please.


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Launched for me. I can't stand the tension built being taken up slowly. It's the whole dropping thing that's the problem.

Sit down Apocalypse did nothing for me though...

The Southport launch tower scared me though because it was made out of tinfoil and wire coat hangers.:lol:

Bounce at Oakwood I enjoy because it's big, strong and comfortable :)


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I enjoy drops so much more. The anticipation of being so high in the air waitng a drop. Ace stuff.


Launces... it's got both of them in one. You have a great launch and some positive g's. Then there's that huge amount of negatives as you're thrown out of seat. Then it's a great drop tower, then another launch and possible more after that... What's not to like?
I prefer launches. I don't find the tension creating by climbing up the tower slowly. I can actually feel the same on a huge inverted roller coasters. Launched towers create airtime while drop towers not.


Im starting to actually like drop towers, well detonator any way!! I kept my eyes open yesterday which is a first for me!

Anything that is launched i just dont like the idea of!


I don't know which I like more, because ie. in Liseberg, you get a lot of airtime on the Huss space shot, but atleast I don't enjoy it, I felt sick after the ride. It's also one of the oldest in Europe, so it might not be as fun or smooth as the newer ones.
The Huss Turbo drop is great (also @ Liseberg) it goes slowly up and drops down... and shoots up again! and drops down, for the last time.
In the other hand, the space shot at Linnanm?ki is great, except that the drop after the lauch could be a bit faster.

I did also vote for launched towers in the end, because I think that droptowers that let you drop only once are not as varieting and fun than launch towers.


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Good question.

I love the fact that Drop Towers scare the living daylights out of me the first few times I ride them. Slowly seeing the world get further away from me etc. I love that fear feeling though.

The benefit of a shot is you don't get that fear because the height is a minor factor. It's all over too quick. I got a little nervous on a shot tower but not as much so....

YAY Drop Towers!


COMBO! If you want best of both worlds, ride an S&S combo tower. Why I love them, you get a choice.



I hate being held at the top of a tower i prefer being shot up at high speeds and letting you drop freely back down. awesome gear those shot towers.


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well, I personally enjoy the launch towers better, since the drop towers scare the piss out of me, and are not as enjoyable for me as the launch towers are.


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I, like Grace, prefer Combo-mode towers, since you get both...however...that isn't an option, so I'd say launched. A good ride op crew or a good sound spiel for a Space Shot works great to build up the suspense for the launch...and I love getting a good, powerful launch, as they provide a great amount of airtime.


way too much tension in a drop tower for me!!!!plus i hate the slow climb to the top!lol


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i prefer drop towers my self, you have the suspense going up and you get a great view, i remember going on Detonator in 2002 for the first time, my sister asked my dad whats that road over there from the top of it and my dad said m2fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive. Have to admit that was funny!