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kenny cook

Mega Poster
Hey y'all, so a couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get the chance to head on down to the newly refurbished Knotts Soak City, and while it was mobbed, I still had a fantastic time!! Here's a quick run through of my day (with no pictures as I didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable)
Quick notes before we start:
-While the breaded chicken tenders were good, they weren't the best thing ever like some people claim
-The showers have 0 water pressure, so don't plan on taking a shower on your way out
-The lines for tubes was extremely disorganized, try and get in an already formed line to shorten your wait
-The kids slides on the play structure were almost 30 minutes long all day (for a 6 second ride) so get there first
-Get a locker, it's amazing peace of mind knowing your stuff won't get stolen
Onto the ride reviews:
The Wedge (1x): While it was a definitely needed attraction, it was also a definite disappointment. I didn't really get wet, there wasn't even a mild thrill like other family slides, and the line was absolutely torturous it was so slow
-Shore Break w/bump (4x): sleeper hit of the day!! Fantastic ops, amazing airtime, super fun, and never a long line on a packed day
-Shore Break w/o bump (4x): the 2nd sleeper hit of the day!! Fantastic ops, long ride, and super fun. The only reason it isn't quite as high as with the other one is that it doesn't provide as good of airtime, although it definitely is much scarier than it's friend next door
-Malibu Run Dropoff (2x): This bright green slide was for sure one of the best family slides I've ever done. Nice pace, an absolute blast, and they even let you go backwards down the slide!!
-Malibu Run Heavy Swell (1x): The second worst of the Malibu Run slides, but not a bad attraction at all. Just a little thrill in the dark, and that's it
-Malibu Run Rincon (1x): My least favorite slide in the park, I even nicknamed it Malibu Run Gates of Hell. Extremely hot and stuffy, almost getting to the point where you can't breath, though definitely not as bad as Sea Snake at WnWPS. This isn't a bad slide, but in a park with so many other great choosing, if you had to pass this one up you'd probably be better off
-Malibu Run Wave Chaser (1x): What a fun little slide. While not intense, this along with all the other tube slides in the complex were absolutely massive capacity machines, with fun twists and a little dip here and there
-Tidal Wave Bay (2x): We stayed in for two sets of Tidal Wave Bay, and it was pretty underwhelming. The waves couldn't have been more than 18 inches tall, and the water was hot, not even warm, just hot from being in such a shallow area (3 feet at the point where most people were) combined with hundreds of people and probably little kid's pee. I came off feeling icky, and although it was better the second time I gave it a shot, it wasn't much better then
-Sunset River (3x): Although a nightmare to get a tube, you'll be hard pressed to find a longer river journey. it was probably a 12 minute lap to get around once, though definitely boring as it had one water feature, a tipping bucket about 5 minutes in
-Laguna Stormwatch Tower Tornado (1x): WHAT A FUN SLIDE!! I apologize for all caps, but I really want to emphasize it as well as try and mix up the same phrases I keep repeating. It was intense, had some good thrill, got you soaked, and was relatively high capacity. Overall the most well rounded slide in the park, and one I'd definitely not pass up
-Laguna Stormwatch Tower Typhoon (1x): Good, not great. Definitely was the weakest of the 3 slides on the tower, but not a bad slide, if you could only ride two of the three, I'd skip this one. Be sure to get here early because for some reason, people are absolutely obsessed with this ride, and after a couple minutes, it got and stuck at a 45 minute line all day
-Banzai Falls (1x): More intense than expected, and better than I remembered. It was a bit disappointing to find that it didn't receive any touchups from the last time I came before the refurbs, as it felt a tad neglected in the face of all the new shiny stuff. It had some mild floater airtime, and a real kick to it, especially at the end when it brakes pretty hard
-Shore Break Yellow (1x): My first experience with drop slides (well, my first enjoyable one, as I hated the one at Roaring Springs Idaho) was super fun. Had a fun rush, was glossy smooth, and had a really solid capacity. Note that while I haven't ridden a ton of drop slides, these definitely felt like they didn't have as steep of a drop as the others', the others felt like a standing drop, this one felt like a pretty steep laying down drop, which was nice as it made it more enjoyable
-Shore Break Blue (1x): The only other slide I got to experience out of the 4, as it had gained a 30 minute line by this point, and the other person I went with didn't want to ride it. Fun ride, shorter than yellow and much rougher on your back, I came off with a line from where every transition hit me, go ride the yellow one
-RK's Beach House (1x): The tipping bucket was actually intense, the water hit you with a serious amount of force, it scared me, but the little kids who had obviously done it before seemed to love it. Super popular with the families, so I'm glad it stayed during the transition from old Soak City to new Soak City
welp, that's pretty much it for my knotts soak city trip report, and my first ever one from CoasterForce. yay!!