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Knotts Berry Farm 2023


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Well, screw people, why live close to an amusement park then, they have to know the consequences
Yes, because everybody on this planet has the resources to live in any area they decide, and can just move house on a whim...

Imagine if you lived near a standard railway line because it's all you can afford, and they came along and built a loud, high speed & elevated line right beside it and they just said "you knew the consequences"


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Poor neighbours, they bought a Home next to nice berry farm and now they get screaming people 325 feet high above theirel houses. Here in germany the parks would not even try to spend money in planing something like this, because they know it would never happen.

But I am not an neighbour and I would like that ti happen. Cedar Fair likes to make these giga investments in their big parks, and nobody else builts these things. And there are not many big CF parks left without a giga.


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I was wondering about that too, with the example of Pony Express in particular. It's not a very tall or fast coaster, but its final turn still had to be enclosed. If that is the sort of requirements they are operating under, how would they be allowed to build a Giga?

I don't think the track rumble is the main issue. It's the screams from riders. Human screaming is a sound the ear is evolutionarily trained to pick up and be alert to, so it is very jarring. It is a somewhat easily muffled sound because it's high-pitched, but it also travels easily. The first drop of a Giga would cause very loud screaming, and if the final turn of a motocoaster is unacceptable, what would it take to fit a Giga in the rules? I mean, enclosing the drop would take away most of the point, wouldn't it?
Could they do what they did with Silver Star in Germany and line the cat-walk up the lift and a bit down the first drop with a sound barrier?
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I'm kinda surprised this is happening still. With the neighborhood right there, and the fact that they might have to earthquake proof this, it would be amazing if it did happen.



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I'm kinda surprised this is happening still. With the neighborhood right there, and the fact that they might have to earthquake proof this, it would be amazing if it did happen.

how would they earth quake proof it?


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Yeah and Coaster Studios has been pretty accurate with these early analyses. I am inclined to put stock in what he says.

As for will this happen, IDK I am skeptical truly.
I've been seeing tons of comments that basically reek ok "I/we want this **** people for maybe messing that up!" look I want this to happen. The thought of a Fury style giga with a near 350 foot drop and gnarly helix already has me feeling like I'm rocketing to the moon with excitement, I want this super bad but....we enthusiasts are not the center of the world, quite far from it lol pains me but I totally get why people may not love this. And no its not always so easy "Well why/dont live there then!?" esp if you haven't lived in a high cost area w somewhat restrained housing supply.... so yeah, being honest, I do forsee locals not loving this 300+ "eye sore" (I'd love the sight, not all will) and noise concerns. Good point above that little Pony Express had to be shielded and we know the tracks can be filled with sand, chain lifts quieted, damper barriers but will locals be swayed? And yeah the screams of a 347 foot drop lol

tl;dr I want this to happen like nothing else, but I am gunna just kinda forget about it, and maybe one day be surprised when it happens. If not won't be crushed at least


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Ok so this guy has made a NL2 pre-creation that's relatively accurate to the plans, and with a 347ft drop it clocks in at 100MPH making it the tallest and fastest non-launched coaster in the world, and over 6,800ft long, making it the longest steel coaster in North America! (Fury is 95mph with a 320ft drop and 6,602ft long for comparison.) The profiling is undoubtedly off, but it makes a good reference point.

Video by RidesOrDie.

From the plans, it can also be determined that the ride will have 13 elements (including the drop and hill into the brakes), compared to 11 on Fury, 9 on Leviathan and 8 on Orion). Also I'm dubbing this ride KBFiga was why not.
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Now my hopes are getting up as to this being a real possibility despite the CA obstacles. The simulated video with purple track has me wondering that given that Knott's logo is also purple, I wonder if they'd do what Carowinds did with Fury and loosely theme it to the local hoops team (Lakers). Purple and gold track could look cool at "Showtime 347" is kind of a great name.

Or Ballmer foots the cost of construction and it's called the Clipper Coaster.

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I’ll admit this looks stronger than I was expecting if that recreation is anything to go by; it almost looks like the love child of Fury and a more traditional B&M Hyper Coaster, and I love the look of it!


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Amusement Insiders have also done a great pre-creation of the coaster. They have added the buildings and car park giving a great idea of how it will dominate the area, after staying at the hotel I’m trying to imagine it fitting but it still seems to big to, however I’m sure the view from the hotel of the coaster will be stunning when it flys past.

I am surprised this might actually happen but if it does knotts will have an amazing line up, I have been to the park once before hangtime was built and even though I was spited by xcelerator this is still my no1 park in California beating Magic Mountain and Disney, personally this will just push it further ahead of them.


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The Drunk Riders are reporting on another layout, this one being a hyper, it would be interesting to see how it interacts with the highway.

Here is an overlay of the coaster: Source