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Kick! - Old School B&M Invert - RLRides


Giga Poster
Just when I thought I was gonna take a hiatus and I was loosing my desire to work on NL rides. I sat down at the request of a friend who operates Raptor to design a ride in a similar style. I took the challenge and have slowly been chipping away at what makes the early inverts so good. This is some of the most detailed trackwork I've done, forcing in some straight track and really giving each element the space and punch that constrasts with B&Ms later more flowy design. I didn't think I'd actually turn this into a project but once again I slowly fell in love with what I was making. All of a sudden I'm close to a final layout.

It may look like Raptor with almost identical elements, but I've injected alot of nuance into it that I feel like it has its own unique personality. I feel this would stand well against the likes of Katun and Pyrenees too.

Anyway, screens







Giga Poster
Small update. New colours, I'm gonna save the black and gold for another time as I think it works. But I wanted this coaster to have a fresh and vibrant scheme that I can really play around with colour on. I can tell this is probably gonna be the final scheme or atleast close as it fits with what I want to do with it.

Also, half done on the support structure, theres some detailing to do but I'm just getting in the broad strokes for now.



Also on a side not (not confirming if this is its final resting place) but Pride Park (the home of Chimera) are currently looking to add a new signature coaster, and this old school relocated invert slots perfectly in the space they want to fill... so lets see. It may open just in time for pride month...




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Ahhh in a typical RLRides U-turn, I found myself falling out of love with the project, but I love the layout, soo I took some steps back and reevaluated what I wanted this coaster to be. It was always meant to be something fun, playful and punchy. I decided shoehorning it into an old park look away the sightlines and pressence the ride had, it needed its only little world to sit in!

So i spent a few weeks (lol) playing with colour and finding inspiration and with a little help, we have a new colour scheme. I've called the coaster Kick! It just makes me laugh alot, plus it references the free legs of the riders but also the sharp punchy pacing and colour scheme. Anyway, so happy to be creating again and now I have a new computer that runs NL like a dream expect more soon.




Roller Poster
Wow Bob, that looks fantastic! I feel like with the ride being so vibrant, however, that the surroundings could be a little more abstract - maybe include some geometric footchoppers or something to really drive home the title?