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Kentucky Kingdom Passholder Survey Names Potential Themed Areas (+ Water Park Reimagining)


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According to the survey itself, these new areas would include:

Farm, Fun & Family:
- Incorporates Lightning Run
- 4 new family rides including a family coaster
- Possible S&S Screamin' Swing
- 6 refurbished rides

Celebration Downs:
- New "Steeplechase" family coaster
- Interactive "Derby" ride
- 3 refurbished rides
- Refurbished amphitheatre with new shows

Fireman's Landing:
- Incorporates Storm Chaser
- New thrill ride, possibly a Chance Rides Aviator
- 5 refurbished rides

Kentucky Grove:
- Incorporates Thunder Run
- 3 refurbished rides
- New children's caurosel and character meet & greets

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I wonder with the inevitable downsizing at Wild Adventures will see the refurbished rides appearing at Kentucky Kingdom, be those actually from WA (like said Chance Aviator, my favorite WA flat.... that's also been SBNO.....)


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Worth pointing out that the example image they use is of Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm:


So I’d hold my horses for a bit. (pun intended)
Yeahhh, so I'll just go ahead and write-in "S&S Steeplechase" then. :p


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Announcement is tomorrow and there's a lot that could be happening. Here's a solid idea of what we could expect;

The other week they rolled out some new branding. Herschend is pushing them as Kentucky Kingdom Theme & Water Park. With this in mind I would not expect a full rebrand of the park, but the door is open to them leaving behind the Hurricane Bay name. As suggested above, Lake Life Kentucky?

Taking a deep dive into local affairs; there were multiple fatal pool accidents in the late 2000's, which were attributed to strong drainpipe suction. Over the next decade Louisville cracked down on pools, which sparked a trend of multiple public pools closing and often never reopening due to the increased maintenance requirements. Last year after another pool went down, the city handed out a slew of free memberships to Kentucky Kingdom, assuring that families wouldn't be left stranded in the heat. Given the government subsidizing and even further increased demand, a waterpark expansion can only be inevitable. Both T3 and the former Deluge water coaster are free real estate; I'd expect both to be reused eventually.
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 8.47.19 PM.png

Also once again, the current road running through the park would be eliminated, suddenly freeing up a big strip of land on multiple fronts. So sit back and enjoy, we could get one new reveal for this year or it could be a wave of things;


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Who tf knows why Holiday World doesn't do anything during the Christmas season, but this actually makes sense, spend little money to make some money without much nearby competition aside from KI Winterfest but that's 2 hours away.

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Saw the live announcement of this event on Facebook and heard some rather shocking words.

we are spending $5 million on the park over the next four years
Plus a guy from Herschend saying "the [expansion] plans were shrunk last week" before laughing it off like some supervillain who wants the park gone.
No Christmas event ride lineup confirmations (other than the antique cars).
No Q&A.
Most of the stream is just Herschend patting themselves on the back.
Mixed to negative reactions from people watching the stream.
$5 MILLION being spent on park investments over the next FOUR YEARS.
Spending literal months hyping this up.

Herschend is doing a horrible job. Guess nothing of note will be happening to this park anytime soon. Devastating.


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$5 MILLION being spent on park investments over the next FOUR YEARS.
I believe the statement made about $5 million park investments was when Herschend was referring to work they have done on the park since they acquired it 4 years ago which we can all agree has been minimal.

The general manager of Kentucky Kingdom did have this to say about the future of the park during the live which I found very interesting.

“This is only the beginning. We’ve also been planning for the future of Kentucky Kingdom beyond 2024. We have a master plan that’s built on guest feedback that will take us through to 2028. Christmas at Kentucky Kingdom is apart of that next phase of this project. We have big ideas for the future and we look forward to sharing more about what is to come this fall.”

Idk about y’all but this sounds to me like the park is definitely going to be transformed soon and will be getting atleast an iteration of what we saw in those survey’s in very near future!