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Kemlerwood Green Amusement Park


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Hello RCT 3 peeps! Here's a little project I've been working off and on for a year, having to restart twice.

The idea is simple: build a park that is the ideal sense of green. Therefore, only the buildings are new. All the rides are based off of SBNO rides, rides for sale, or common rides.

I have just a few screens to wet your whistle, as I've got more in store.

Here we have the park's centerpiece: Greenwheel. It's a giant ferris wheel that's powers by the nearby coaster.

This coaster: Pyro. It's a B&M sit down that was recovered from a nice park with an ill fate. Take a random guess on what it is.

Pyro is part of the park's "Impulse Labs" section. This part of the park is more for thrill rides, where the lab tests the effects of forces on the body.

Part of the American Midway section is this standard Boomerang, which is not named. It's the only ride I did custom supporting on...so far.

Also on the midway is Starflyer, a classic wooden out and back coaster. Nothing much to say on it except it uses modern Intamin trains to generate power.

And finally for this first post is Splash Water Run, a portable log flume. I plan on putting metal supporting to make it look like a portable.

Let me know what you think and how to improve!


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It's a bit flat and depressingly grey :/.

I'd suggest useing a different path style or if you're useing path's that are 3 squares wide you should take out a square or 2 every couple of spaces and add some foilage and stuff. This'll break it up and make it prettier and allow you to plonk down some more path items like bins and ****.

In your little fountain you should change the colour of the cliffs so it's not all grey and contretey and not as depressing. you can use any wall peices to make it more lively or even add some bushes or hedges against the walls.

The station on your rides are basic and a little blocky but they're fine, try break up the shapes by adding little buildings on the sides or something on them. Raise your rides up a bit more, the lowest you can go is at least 2 steep paths or in other words it's requires you to use 2 steep path peices to get inline with it.

One more thing out of curiosity, you banners. Are you on Vista and can't get them working cause I have a video faved that'll tell you how to get them to work. If you don't need I you can just ignore this little section.

All in all it looks like you have a nice start going.


Looks Ok so far.
Try and use more cs and I agree it looks rather grey. Try and add catwalks ect to make it more realistic.


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^You shouldn't just use custom scenery for the sake of it though. There is plenty of good scenery in the game.


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alexr said:
Looks Ok so far.
Try and use more cs and I agree it looks rather grey. Try and add catwalks ect to make it more realistic.
CS adds more options, thus maing it harder.

RCT3 & CS ≠ NL & Tools.


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Well I have a small update for all you.

Made some improvements on Pyro, adding custom supports and adding more to the building

Also made the line longer, adding a lovely water feature with a pond. It'll make more sense with they story

Ain't it pretty looking?

Here's the sign for the Impulse Labs section, with the improved paths.

Here's the restaurant in the kid's korner section.

Tell me what you think!


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Looking good.

Only realy gripe is unfinished areas. your paths and queues need more Pazzazz! add little buildings and coverings to your queues and the big tarmac area nees breaking up a bit.