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Kaleidescape, Elitch Gardens, Meow Wolf Art dark ride

I totally forgot this was a thing/ and it seemed to have gone under the radar (as it opened last year)

But what's interesting is that this ride was designed and installed by surreal art collective 'Meow Wolf' who are responsible to building an absolutely crazy installation-style 'fun house' in Santa Fe that gives St Louis city museum a run for it's money!

It looks like narrative has been thrown out the window for a pure sensorial bombardment experience!

Do you think the Art and Amusement industries should collaborate more? I've noticed a trend in resent years for galleries/artists to incorporate SFX and immersive techniques used within the themed entertainment industry to create installations, so could it work the other way? Art is often seen as highbrow with amusement as being lowbrow - are the lines starting to blur? could we see parks reaching out to artists in the creation of rides?