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It is not all about rollercoasters...


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I so often see people with the mindset of "If the theme park does not have at least 5 roller coasters which are going over one specific speed and are this tall iam not going there". Theme parks are not designed for that and that is not the pourpouse of a theme park. It is already in its name "theme" park and not "roller coaster" park.

So when we visit these theme parks, we should actually enjoy the setting there and everything it has to offer, so the full experience to call it by its name.

With this in mind, i really loved the whole experience inside the park in Europa Park. It is such good constructed every area, hell you can even move inside a shuttle train which goes on top of the theme park to stations lol.


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There’s a slight difference between being a theme park or a roller coaster enthusiast, but they compliment each other. Some people like getting creds, some people like soaking up the atmosphere. Some people like hardcore thrills, some like a story. A good roller coaster doesn’t have to be superbly themed and a great theme park doesn’t need a load of amazing coasters.

I agree that the visitor experience matters the most. Sometimes I like a quick toe curler, sometimes I’m quite happy just to watch. Theme parks are designed for fun - but what that means to an individual is up to them.

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I'm something of an either-or person myself. Either theme it properly or don't bother at all. I also prefer darker themes so even Disney doesn't hold much appeal for me. That's why I will always love Nemesis though. The 'themed area' that it's in has that half-heartedness that I don't like now but the ride itself is/was bang on and sci-fi/horror themed to boot.
Go to a park knowing what it has to offer, whether it be a few good credits, a bunch of mediocre credits to boost the count, or a great atmosphere with little in terms of coasters, and then just try to appreciate it for what it is. It's like a person going to Disney and expecting wild, white-knuckled thrills and then being disappointed or someone going to Cedar Point and expecting to be immersed in some kind of fantasy world.

I prefer a place I can be immersed like Disney or Universal. Thankfully they are offering much more in terms of thrills. That's not to say I wouldn't be ****ing stoked to go to Magic Mountain (a personal vendetta) but I wouldn't go in expecting an amazing atmosphere either.


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This is why we've booked Phantasialand for later this month. Phanta DOES have the coaster lineup, true, but there are parks closer to home with more coasters to choose from. Phanta however is a very well rounded park, offering world-class examples of both Flume and Rapids, a great selection of flats, a nice handful of dark rides and theming that blows your socks off. Whilst somewhere like Thorpe offers more coasters (or does it now FLY is open?) but asides from a few good flats, not much else.