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I'm heading off to Disney World on Friday, and we decided if we have an extra day we might go to Islands of Adventure. Is it a park worth spending around $70 for just one day, or should we skip it? I won a free ticket in that Superbowl Giveaway but it's not good until March, so I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.


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YES. I still say it's the best park in the World, though it's current state isn't 100%...

And go to the Studios as well. Mummy <3


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Well.. instead of riding Mummy.. you can take pictures of HRRR! Much better then actually waiting in line for Mummy.


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Yeah, definitely go, you'd be doing yourself an injustice to pass it up if you have time. It was my favourite park in Orlando.

IMO its more of a 'youthful' park than the Disney ones, which is a nice change.


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Definitely go to islands... Worth it for the Spiderman experience alone. See if you can find Poseidon Adventure while your there too - was a show type thing instead of a ride, but made my jaw drop...

Islands is probably my favorite park I've ever been to


Definatly! I didn't go when I had the chance, biggest mistake of my whole Orlando holiday. Try and get to Sea World if you can, Manta and Kraken look awesome! :--D


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^I think you mean Manta. :lol:

Really, IoA is ten times better than SeaWorld. SeaWorld's great, and if you can get there you should visit it, but it has nothing in IoA.