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Is this a B&M ball?


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Dumb question but I wanted to know if this is what I've heard called a "B&M ball"? I assume it's for track inspection? I was on a solo mission at Knotts today at it was sitting in the storage bay for Silver Bullet. I figured I'd snap a pic and ask you guys once I got home. Sorry for the crappy photo. I didn't bring my big boy camera today. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the info @roomraider ! Appreciate it. Wish I could've snapped a better photo of the inspection ball because the trains pass super close to it upon returning to the station. I could see the joysticks, restraint harness and what not quite well. The nerd in me got intrigued obviously.

Yunho Kim

My home park has one, too(Phaethon) but one train ops.
Haven't seen ride ops using that.
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I have seen photos of them on Fury, but i have not seen it in operation or even on the transfer track. Ill keep my eyes open and try to snap a photo next time I'm there.