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Is Katapult @ Mirabilandia a roller coaster?

Is it a rollercoaster?

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  • NO, but this is still a credit

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I would call it a coaster, as:

- Train is individual from the track, able to act on its own terms and coast along after the loop.

- Gravity is induced during the ride. (what goes up must come down during the loop)

- Varied Elements (loop and banked turn section)

So though its a seemingly metro thrill ride, it is still a coaster.


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Ultimate Coaster said:
It's a very small technicality, but important - the ride does coast a LITTLE...unlike some non-credit coasters, like IoA's HITSSTTR.
It counts just like HITSSTTR does, even if it doesn't coast, it's still a coaster. Even if it was powered throughout the whole thing, it'd be a coaster.

It's as much a coaster as say, Flying Fish.


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I'd have to see it running to make up my mind, but I think it falls foul of my extremely stringent rules.

however, I would no blink an eyelid at anyone else who classed it as a coaster. I think for everyone but me, it's clearly a coaster :)


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It's made by Schwarzkopf, it has a rollercoaster train, it runs on a rollercoaster track and it has a normal rollercoaster verticle loop.
How much more rollercoastery do you want it? :p


^Yeah. tbh I couldn't give a **** about power. If it rides like a roller coaster then it is one.


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^Yeah. tbh I couldn't give a about power. If it rides like a roller coaster then it is one.
I agree with you, mostly.

However, the definate sign that it's a true roller coaster, is what people have been saying. It coasts in and out of the loop, thus it is somewhat controlled by gravity.

It's also on the Roller Coaster[/u] Database.

So yah, I's definately consider it a coaster, and I wouldn't have second thoughts about counting it as a credit.
It's a though one, but, it's a coaster. It reminds me of one of those carnival rides that just goes through the inversion a bunch of times.


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It looks fantastic, whatever it is.

I'd count it, but part of me screams "you WHORE!"


Has anyone found a video of this ride? I've been searching with no luck :(

To me it is a coaster. It has a train that runs on track which is good enough for me.


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The Northampton - Milton Keynes has a train that runs on track :p

Yeah it's a coaster. Doesn't need an explanation. It just is.