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Ireland's First Alpine Coaster


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I came across this news article about Colin Glen Forest Park, near Belfast, and their plans to add an alpine coaster.
The article doesn't outright call it an alpine coaster so I contacted the park to confirm it (their response was it will be like the Fforest Coaster in Wales).
The coaster will be 600 metres long and work is due to start later this year.


A Belfast park looks set to get an alpine toboggan ride in what's been described as an "innovative first".
Belfast City Council has launched a tendering exercise for the new feature in Colin Glen Forest Park.

The toboggan system is designed to run on a rail and be driven by a rider. The rides are particularly popular in ski resorts and are used out of season when there is no snow. The Belfast park plan is envisaged to run to 600metres in length when it is finished.

The Colin Glen Trust is behind the project and it's understood funding has been planned with work earmarked to start later this year. The plans are part of a larger scheme of work under the council's Belfast Investment Fund.

SDLP councillor Brian Heading described the scheme as "innovative". He said: "It will be only facility of it's type in Ireland. "The Colin Glen Trust should be congratulated in coming up with the idea to get people into park. It's innovative it's forward thinking of the group and there will be additional facilities too. I will support it and do everything I can to get the facility installed as quickly as possible."

He added: "The group would be keen to have it installed as quickly as possible and I hope all the statutory agencies will move the project on."

So we're getting another alpine coaster in the UK!


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600 metres. That's only 1968.5ft. And I thought Fforest coaster was quite short for an alpine coaster. But hey, it'll be the best coaster in the country, and the second best in North/South Ireland.


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In all seriousness though, these aren't especially exciting developments, regardless of where they're built. Particularly as they're not bloody creds!!
Fforest Coaster is a bit better because of its length and fairly awesome surroundings, but one ride was still enough (and you had to pay for 3)
I can only assume Wiegand have a sale on, as they do seem to be multiplying.


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The tender (which is subject to receiving funding) for the alpine coaster is out. They hope to build it within the next 12 months.


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^The planning application confirms it is from Brandauer.


Some more details:
Proposed toboggan run (324m winding descent with 241m straight return) and associated single storey prefabricated building with access road, car parking, pathways, lighting, supporting planting and site works.

People using the Toboggan run sit in Toboggan carts when travelling along the rails. The Toboggan carts are especially designed for the monorail system and have a single-seater design. Children under the age of seven years may ride with another accompanying person of at least 15 years old. Users are fastened in the Toboggan carts by a lap belt. A control lever allows the individual to determine the speed themselves; the maximum speed of 40km/h is controlled by the integrated centrifugal brakes in the wheels. If the control lever is not operated the Toboggan carts are braked by the spring storage effect. When travelling downhill individuals are responsible for the acceleration and braking of the Toboggan carts.

Overall, the facilities within Colin Glen Forest Park and Colin Park currently facilitate approximately 100,000 visitors per annum. It is anticipated that forecasted visitor numbers for the proposed development will be between 10,000 and 25,000. However, it is more accurate to expect visitor numbers to be closer to 10,000 for the first few years after opening. It is suggested that the opening hours of the proposed development will be 09.00 to 22.00 Monday to Sunday.

Yeah its nothing amazingly exciting but should be nice for the area; and Colin Glen is a lovely forest park so its hopefully a success for them as they expand their offerings. Looking forward to revisiting for this.