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IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz


non-vertical stop w/o trims >> vertical (or beyond-) w trims. more airtime at the top, more airtime on the way down. everyone wins.
No one's ridden the Intamin top hat stall brake yet, so we have yet to see how it rides. It's not a complete stop, and I think it could be really intense.


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I love how Universal is taking the Phantasialand kind of approach with this project.

Let's pretend nothing is happening and let the enthusiasts do our job promoting our attractions on social media.

For one, I like not knowing a lot, and just getting surprised at every new stage of construction.

Scott Lannigan

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I'm actually getting more excited for this than I am for Iron Gwazi! I feel is if this ride is gonna have more going for it and of course theming!


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I love how both the first and second half of this coaster would still make a good coaster on their own.
The First half of this Blitz coaster looks as if it's going to be indoors...? Second half of this Blitz coaster is going to be outdoors!