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IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz


We assume, but yes very likely given the strides taken by so many in the past decade.

Everything does look incredible so far and this new track style has grown on me a lot.


No, from what I remember off the top of my head (based on the leaks) it has a dive loop, inverted stall and the roll over the lagoon. No vertical loop :)
Yep. Vertical loops are overrated anyways, they're the most boring inversion.


What's wrong with that? Nemesis' loop in the trench is great.
It's quite slow and lacks forces. The location is great, but Nemesis' intensity ends after the Zero-G roll. After that, it's just low and medium intensity areas mixed - really a shame, because it's beginning is great.

Back to the Intamin: I admit that I am not that keen on that second part, but its visual is awesome. The high-speed Heatline Roll could be a great element, being so close to the water, and the Intamin track is just sexy. And a thing I really enjoy, is that they did not go with just another swinging launch + switch track, as every second coaster nowadays seems to receive.
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Am I the only person who thinks Nemesis is pretty damn intense the entire layout, loop included?

Anyway, I love the look of the wave turns etc, far better than the overbanks on my NL2 prediction from last year. The only thing I'm not mad about so far is the aesthetic of the heartline roll over the water. I imagine it's there because they don't want to block the Discovery Centre view from across the lagoon, but I dunno, it just looks unbalanced to me.


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The stall and dive into the loop are one of my favourite things on Nemesis, I believe the loops is where the highest forces are measured too.