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Why does that make it bad? With new regulations requiring less structure, what's wrong with designing a new track style that's easier and cheaper to manufacture?

Maybe it's better in every single way?

Remember that with the new international regulations, they require less structure. All the coasters built beforehand were actually using far more material than needed. Even the standard truss design has far fewer and re-designed cross ties, as evidenced in Taiga and Taron, for example.

B&Ms are hollow, but very thin material, so they look much sturdier than they actually are. RMC IBox track weighs less than traditional wooden track because of how thin the material is, also partially due to a narrower profile.


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If you look at Hyperion* it seems to have quite a rattle after only about a year. Let's hope it's not due to the track.

* I didn't get to ride it by now but this shows up in several reports.


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It all depends on your perspective. If your eye is for aesthetics, this new track style is inferior. If you look at it from a business and/or manufacturing perspective, this track is better in pretty much every way.