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IoA | Unknown | Jurassic Park Intamin Blitz


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I can't recall seeing anything about the actual layout up to this point so pardon me if this is known information.

They only mention "multiple sources", but if true there's a lot of information here about the potential layout of the ride. Spaghetti bowl, top hat and water front run with what sounds like multiple launches?


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I believe there was a leaked layout a while back that contains all of those specifics you mentioned...
That's actually my video haha, I posted it a few weeks ago and suddenly it blew up 😂 I'm hoping the real coaster has some more new style Intamin elements like outerbanked turns and the like!

Glad people are enjoying it though tbh.
You've done a really great job with it! No Limits has always been too complicated for me😂


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I generally don't like moving threads across until stuff is formally confirmed, but it's hard to deny this isn't already well underway so...