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Interesting fairground coaster


Strata Poster
Having little firsthand experience with fairground roller coasters (I have only ridden 2 rather gentle and mellow coasters lacking an actual heartline, hills, helices, and for that matter banking beyond 15*) I was quite fascinated with the fact that the annual fair had a somewhat real world style coaster.

It was called WindStorm, a green support, purple tracked ride that I could not help but ride over and over again (so glad I bought the unlimited ride wristband). Featuring a 60ft. light hill, a 0-g first airtime hill, and a mass of twisted steel track, complete with bone jarringly fast transitions and forces up around 3.5g, probably 4 since it was intense in one of the swooping turns.

Anyways, enough jibber jabber. Was wondering if anyone knows of the origins of it, or the manufacturer?

Here's some crappy ass cell phone pics to further aid in the ride search:





RCS Fair is the company that owns all of the rides there, if it helps at all.....


Had a look at the "RCS Fair" homepage but they didn't list any WindStorm on there.
However having a look at the www.ridesdb.com webpage (like RCDB but for fair rides) then I found one WindStorm in the US which is/were operated by "Fun Forest Amusement Park", but I have no idea on how accurate that is, also the images shows the ride with blue track and white supports (but they were taken in 2008...). So who knows, RCS Fair might have bought the ride and repainted it but haven't come around to update their webpage...

Ridesdb states that it's an S.D.C. Hurricane: CLICK


Slut for Spinners
Those rides kick your butt. I rode the one in Seattle before it closed and it was very painful.


Strata Poster
This one wasn't all that bad TBH. I had a blast on it. Maybe it was from roller coaster deprivation or something, but I loved it. The only bone jarring section was the swooping turn below the lift hill, but otherwise I think the funnest bits were the floater hill and the helices.

And because it was a brand new addition to the fair, my guess is RCS Fair bought the ride off of a theme park or something. Seems like they have quite a massive collection of fair ground rides, but this is the first I know of them actually stepping into the realms of real roller coasters, rather than the simple rides.

Pretty sure they overhauled the ENTIRE ride, because the trains look brand new, and it has magnetic brakes, as well as new kicker tires. Paint looks relatively fresh too, and the controls all look new. Sensors and whatnot as well.

Don't think I've heard of a restoration like this before. Be interesting to know more details about the ride.


Giga Poster
I've ridden this (probably not the exact ride, I suspect the other one is permanent) in Kissimmee Old Town. I can't remember anything about it apart from it was fairly fun (for its size) and I only did it for the CREDZ.

(This was back when I actually cared about coastercount)