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Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor or Outdoor?

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A poll which I can't remember seeing in over two years...

I know a lot of people LOVE heavily themed indoor roller coasters, or indeed the thrill of speeding through tight corners or inversions in the pitch black. An indoor coaster has massive potential, sometimes it can lack; see X:/ No Way Out, and sometimes it can be enough to outwit many outdoor coasters; see Revenge of the Mummy.

So what does it for you? Personally it's a tough call for me, as indoor and outdoor coasters are often so different that it would be impossible to poll them against each other. But in the long run, I think outdoor coasters would do it for me. There's generally less theming scope with an outdoor coaster, but I prefer seeing the track ahead of me, being able to pre-empt the layout, and marvelling at the immense elements that stand in front of me whilst I queue.


I prefer outdoor. You can actually tell how high you are, or how fast you're going without being impared by thematics. It has more of a sense of openness then anything. However, indoors such as ROTM are really great rides. Indoors can be totally immersive, but in the long run, being able to see where you are really enhances the ride experience. So outdoor.


Indoor are fun, usually more suprising and give a good atmosphere and have great themeing on most occaisions. But they cant beat a good outdoor coaster. Yeah.. the smell of grease when you walk into an indoor coasters building is great *drools*... but outdoor coasters still win. The atmosphere, the view, the photo-opportunitys, and the change of weather is what I prefer. Especially the photo-ops, cant take any pics of indoor coasters!


I do like indoors but they scare me so bad! I dont like the unknown! I prefer to know whats ahead of me and being able to watch it before hand and get my head round what im going on first. I love indoors to bits but the fear they put me through just doesnt add up to how i feel about outdoors!


I absolutely LOVE indoor coasters to bits, they just don't compare to outdoor ones IMO.

I like to be able to see what a coaster does, it's gotta look nice etc... but I just love the way indoor coasters can be so amazingly themed.

To use the earlier example, XNWO is terribly themed, but with some work it could become great.

Revenge of the Mummy is, absolutely no question at all, my favourite coaster of all time (at the moment anyway)


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Well, even though I love amusement parks and their huge outdoor coasters, i actually do prefer indoor. Indoor coasters are able to grab your attention a lot more than outdoor coasters, so your only focusing on the coaster, wtih all its atmosphere and theming. i mean, I love all of the outdoor coasters, but indoor coasters are able to create that atmosphere which outdoor coasters can't.