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Indiana Beach I Dreier Looper | Quimera relocation | 2021


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Part of the German Comedy Movie "Didi und die Rache der Enterbten" was Filmed on Dreier Looping in 1985. Most was done using Blue Screen but you could see a stuntman riding the coaster while lying on the front car :eek:

Fast forward to 1:15:15

That was excellent, thank you! But if you were chasing somebody and they got onto a roller coaster, wouldn't you just wait at the unloading platform!?


Are they going even going to repaint the track for it? And fix up the track to make it smoother?
I believe i heard somewhere that curtain pieces had been sent to Germany for a refurb, so I guess these bits are fine. Hopefully they repaint it and make it look nice a new.


So the train for Cascabel the Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop is at Indiana beach, do you think it will be used on American Dreier Looping due to what happened with the original train for the coaster, or were they cheeky and bought the Shuttle loop to? I think it will be a replacement train but if they got both coasters that would be great.



Steely Dan

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^ outstanding!

my anticipation level is through the roof right now.

the last time i was this excited for a "local" coaster was probably SFGAm's Goliath back in 2014.

and even then, i'm such a schawrzkopf nerd that this probably still tops that for me.