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Hydro: Waters Revenge vs Tidal wave (TP)

Hydro waters revenge vs Tidal wave

  • Hydro Waters Revenge

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Tidal wave

    Votes: 1 50.0%

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Which one do you like the most????
The ace river plunge ride droping you 105ft and at an insane degree of 87.5( yes it is dave as Intamin has confirmed it)
and you get drenched from head to toe in water.


Tidal Wave ( the unoriginal name)
Great themeing (just never working)
not so tall and not a very steep drop.



Look man, I or dave do NOT care what intamin say, he's measured it on a picture with a protractor and it was no where near 90, so it can't be the figuire you quoted above. I'm voting hydro anyway though :p


I love Hydro, though i was to scared to go on it when it had lap bars. I went on it earlier this year, & i'm going again this August!

Tidal Wave was boring, not scary at all, though the theming is great.


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Wow it must be a good half year since we had this poll!

I'm voting Tidal Wave- it has a much better throughput (Hydro's is poor with only one train). Tidal Wave has much better themeing, a very fun drop which gives good airtime and is IMO an overall better ride.

I think Tidal Wave is a better name anyway.

Tidal Wave fits in better where it is in Thorpe than Hydro does at Oakwood.


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Although I've never been on Tidal, I have stood in front of it, and decided against riding so I'm going to vote anyway :)
I love Hydro - best water ride I've been on in my life. Enjoyed the whole thing so much I didn't really mind getting wet - where's as that's where the whole thing lies with Tidal, and the drop and sensations seem to take a back seat. Hydro rocks :)


Hydro is excellent, end of. It's a fantastic, fantastic water ride, and for once, OTSR's didn't bother me. This water ride rocks no matter how much people complain it has been "ruined". I still an insane amount of airtime and a brilliant freefalling feeling on the drop, so the OTSR's don't bother me in the slightest.

Tidal Wave was good till I rode Hydro... now Tidal Wave will just be a bit boring. Yes, Tidal Wave has a better theme, but you just can't beat Hydro with Tidal Wave!