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Hutch's Planet Coaster Creations


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So I finally got Planet Coaster.

Been playing for a few days now, trying to familiarize myself with all the mechanics and whatnot. It's basically everything I've wanted out of an "RCT4," but it's very overwhelming, particularly with all the scenery stuff. I'm currently working on a park, but not quite ready to share anything yet. Instead, here's a wild RMC woodie I'm working on as a standalone project. This is also the first time I really played around with the terrain editor. No name or theme yet.

This is sort of a "greatest hits" of RMC in general, featuring all the insane elements we've come to know from them: 85 degree drop, outside airtime hill, big wave turn, stall, and of course a quad down.

I'm actually not a huge fan of this final turnaround. I think I just need to play around with the terrain more, as it's basically surrounded by flat land.

Not sure how much I'll theme this other than adding trees/environmental stuff...think it's gonna come down to motivation. :p Any feedback is appreciated.

Sorry if the images seem low-res. Still figuring out the ideal settings I should use.
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